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I read his interview in GQ. Sounds like a pretty good guy. A real 'rags' to riches story.
I had it done on several occasions. Worked 2 out of 3 times. The 2 times it worked was with a bespoke tailor who charged me $200 bucks. But it was worth it! The one time it failed it was with an alterations tailor...messed up the shoulders.
Quality requires a mixture of style, materials and workmanship. So, no, there isn't a single attribute of clothes/shoes that guarantee quality. It's an emergent phenomenon where there is enough style/material (better)/workmanship in proper proportion. So really just learn what constitutes superior style, higher quality materials (e.g. wools, leathers, etc.), and workmanship. No shortcuts, I'm afraid.
Is it satin, grosgrain or something else? Thanks.
Do you wear a tshirt under your dress shirt?
Les Nomades is in the heart of the city and I would highly recommend it. Lived in Chicago for 11 years. That and TRU were my favorite 'french' restaurants, but TRU may be too 'progressive' given your strictures. NoMi is also good if you like French/Japanese fusion....
In addition to a fuller leg, consider back pockets with flaps. For casual linen slacks, those should work and will give you some 'dimensions' in the seat area.
Don't live in the city. Move to Silicon Valley, e.g. Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, etc. While people there share the politics (in general), at least the drugs, the smells and the almost overbearing unctuousness of service behavior, is kept at a minimum. I'd rather have a college student trying to earn a few bucks service me than a career waiter devoid of any physiognomic tact just going through the motions. I'm speaking from experience, but that was in the late...
Need to get your URL right.
Yeah, that's pretty egregious. You wouldn't walk out of a brick and mortar store with it, so definitely don't accept it as an online purchase.
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