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Then you're missing an important axiom in your sartorial geometry. Have you ever seen a pale asian guy wearing a bright yellow Polo? Or a strawberry blond haired, pale skinned guy wearing black during the day? Those choices are objectively wrong, relatively speaking. No matter how perfect those same items of clothing might look on someone else (with the right coloring).
I've been wearing DB blazers for the past six years, and I would say in the past year or so, they are starting to pop up more often. In Chicago, I noticed quite a few during the week, actually, in 2010-2011. Now in SoCal, they are still quite the anachronism. The one or two I've seen (other than myself) have been in La Jolla, and in both instances, the men wearing them weren't speaking English.
Didn't realize he was there.
Powers that be: what was the name of the style blog that was snapping pictures? By a process of elimination it can't be Real Simple. Therefore: Ladies Home Journal?
LOL! That and a cup of coffee woke me up this morning.
Very nice. What kind of sleeve cuff is that?
You don't want to match material between tie and pocket square unless it is substantially different in texture, e.g. a shantung tie and a silk pocket square. Usually if you have a run-of-the-mill silk tie, then a linen square is ideal. A wool/cashmere tie, with a silk pocket square. Of course there are exceptions, but learn how to conjugate your sartorial verbs correctly first, then deal with the exceptions.
Not a very versatile jacket. But weather and occasion permitting, if the stripes are white or near white, a pair of white or cream pants, and a white shirt. A photo of the jacket would help give even better recommendations. Depending on the exact stripe, here's a sample of what you might be able to do:
A picture would help to understanding what you mean by 'pulling.' If the lapels 'bow' when you button, and there's a signficant 'X' crease at the buttoning point when you button the jacket, then chest and/or the waist is too small for your frame. It wouldn't hurt to try on a 44r to see if it makes a difference. Not knowing how you look overall, it's hard to say if sizing up would make any difference for you, though it likely would.
Awesome, I want a pair of the dark brown or tan double monks in size 9/9.5 US!
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