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It's like the beginning of a prison movie I'm afraid. You're new fish. Most of the people here won't admit that they were buying Kenneth Cole square toes and 80's style DBs with low gorges back in the day. Like anything else social, there's a pecking order. You just need to navigate through it: if you think it's worth it. My two cents.
A way to avoid this plight in the future would be to only own brogued shoes that are brown. And all your black shoes are bluchers. Don't own any brogued bluchers and you'd be set.Unless, of course, you're Japanese.
You've already been given some pretty good advice. If you can't find a retailer or a jacket and a pair of trousers like that on eBay your size, you may want to consider something like Indochino. Since a $1,000+ jacket is not a possiblity right now, I believe they have MTM blazers available in that basic style for far less. I believe there are other vendors like Indochino (Thick as Thieves comes to mind) who may also meet your requirement. That said, I would recommend...
Ah, I went back and read 'several pages before.' Entertaining. Consider my post an aftshadowing of yours then.
You mean like how the earth stays between 91 million to 94.5 million miles away from the sun as it makes its yearly elliptical orbit?
My guy measures, cuts all the cloth (jacket/vest/trousers) and makes the jacket. He has someone else make the trousers, someone else sew the button holes, and someone else work the lapels.
Everything just works. Well done.
Well I'm sure a flash camera was used here. That or possibly corozo:
another good source:
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