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If you get the AE's you'll probably feel Stranded if the Darlton's ever go on sale. It's obvious you want the latter. Why not exercise some constraint and either save up or wait until your size is available at a more reasonable price? Delayed gratification builds character, albeit you may have less of everything you want right now.
With the effect you're going for you may want to try spandex, not linen. But seriously, I'm glad you were willing to let others say something about this before you're seen in polite public wearing that. I concur with the rest of the readers and recommend that you get at least a size larger if not 2. It's easier to tweak large->small than the other way around. Even Michelangelo couldn't sculpt his David from a piece of marble the size of a bowling ball.
Yes, buy a headcoat. Then you can flip to decide which one to wear. "What a flippant response." Exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Why do designers insist on bringing out clothes that, if an average man wears it, will find him severely ridiculed and perhaps beaten to half an inch of his life? Actually, inches is the wrong scale. I would have used Angstroms.
I recommend checking out RM Williams boots. They look like chelseas, and have a very high quality/price ratio. Many threads already on this forum talking about them.
Suit jackets make poor sport coats 'as is' so it's probably not a good idea to wear the grey slacks with the navy jacket and vice versa. The great thing about grey and navy solid suits is that you can switch up your shirt/tie/pocket squares/shoes to give yourself a unique look on a daily basis. You should consider adding a patterned suit into the mix as you branch things out, since you really shouldn't wear just 2 suits in a situation where you need to wear suits...
May I ask what color suit you're wearing to the interview? If it's navy then brown shoes would suffice. If it's grey, depending on the shade of brown, it would suffice (the brown should be darker than the grey of the suit, in my opinion). Bottom line: in this situation it would appear easier to go with a suit that matches the shoes instead of the other way around.
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