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My wife has that watch but with a pink face.
This is a papa bear (wide), mama bear (skinny), goldilocks (just right) question. The best width is one where people who see you don't register your lapel width at all. If it looks too wide or too skinny, then the jacket is probably dated. I find that the proper proportion (something that aligns with your shoulder width, chest, and head size) keeps you closer to a timeless classic versus finding yourself wearing fashion roadkill.
I agree with Heraclitus. Just as you cannot step into the same river twice, you cannot wear the 'same suit' twice. There will be something different. You will weigh more or less. The suit will have certain wrinkles or not. The mustard stain near your left elbow will finally be cleaned, or not. Your suit is the same beach; but each wave (wearing) is different. People who cannot see that difference lack the brain power to warrant much consideration.
I have black hair, and fair skin. With a dark navy or grey suit, the white works very well with me. White and pale blue are the two dress shirt colors I wear the most. The white doesn't suck the color out of my features in the Spring, Summer or Fall. I tend to avoid white shirts in the winter, as living in Chicago in the winter tends to pale the skin. I'll wear a lot more blues then. But after 2 days in the sun, I'm back ready to wear the white.
Tailoring my advice given the age of the OP: Dark charcoal. Close enough to black, but will look better in the day time (when most interviews occur). You can use the suit for late evening and unless you're in bright, artificial light, everyone will assume your suit is black. Also, if you stick your hands in your pockets a lot, get double vents.
My wife used to say the same thing about me. Not that I care much about her opinion, but to avoid the "I'm too fussy" tag I did 3 simple things. I stopped wearing a tv fold and adopted a more "points up" in my breast pocket, making sure that it doesn't look the same from day to day. Stopped wearing half-windsor tie knots exclusively, but added some variety with some four in hand and other knots from time to time. Stopped using hairspray to 'perfectly shape' my...
The most I ever had a jacket shortened was 1". It worked out well, since it was a 2 button and things were 'high up' on the jacket to begin with. I'm afraid it's really a 'case by case' call depending on the actual architecture of the jacket at hand.
I own both a 42R RLPL and 42R RLBL. BL is a tad more fitted in the waist, but I noticed that the jacket is .5 inches longer. I prefer the RLPL but if I were 3+ inches taller, I probably would prefer the RLBL.
I only wear an ascot when I'm applying for a job as a CEO of a financial institution or a prestigious law firm, on first dates with women in their early 20s, or visiting my 77 year old Japanese mother in San Diego. Sadly, those occasions happen very infrequently.
It would be helpful if you could provide some pics or drawings you're hoping to either emulate or learn from. A lot would work on your architecture but not work because of your hair color/complexion. A fuller picture to start with would allow us to be more helpful. For example, a picture of you in something you already like would be more helpful than a chalk outline of you and a note discovered in your coat pocket.
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