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According to Will, most men would need .5 meters.
Minnis 520 Fresco would be a great choice. The brown button approach is good, but navy horn buttons would work better at night. I have a navy sportcoat with brown buttons, and I only wear it during the day. The brown looks great during the daytime, but when I'm wearing black shoes at night, the brown buttons feel a bit off. Probably wouldn't bother most people though.
You probably need to go down a size. Mine are a little snug in the chest; a custom fit polo shouldn't be 'baggy' on you.
Call him ASAP. Those are significant changes.
Bradley Wiggins needs to rethink his collar. He has a long, thin face and his long point collar accentuates that negatively. He should be the poster boy for spread collars. Great fitting suit though.
Light blue works better in the day for most business contexts (especially with your complexion/hair). Just a personal observation, especially if you are wearing dark business suits. But white definitely looks better at night.
For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.
It would be more helpful if you a) showed a full body shot so we can see the jacket and the entirety of your legs, b) a picture from the back, also showing a full body shot. Your jacket based on the selective geography makes it appear that your jacket is way too short, but you could just have incredibly long arms for your body. We can't tell unless we see a fully body shot, front and back.
You're trying to write checks your sartorial bank account can't cash.
If it were a fashion candid I would just think that he had the long rear blade tucked in but it had pulled out for the pic. Not sure what the provenance of the pic is so I'm willing to give the guy some benefit of the doubt.
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