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Looks like an orphaned suit jacket.
Daytime, a cream or light tan pair of trousers. I would avoid wearing that as a SC at night.
The Park Avenue last is one of the narrower AE lasts....usually one will need to go wider than the pure measurements would indicate. That said, assuming the measurements were correct, you may want to consider a different shoe. Some lasts just don't work on some end up having to go much wider and end up with slippage, or much longer, which gives you clown feet.
The jacket looks a good three inches too short...
I hear once you go black, you can never go back. So be careful.
Cream or winter white trousers and a pink shirt. Would work in Spring/Summer in most places.
The sartorial community is relatively small. He's like a silicon valley start up that secured $5 million dollars and feels like partying it up. Well, enjoy the Louis XIII's while you can. If and when he fails, or irreparably damages his reputation, people will remember his past doings when he reaches out for another chance. Yes, this could be a 'Crime and Misdemeanors' scenario where he gets off scott free. But in a world where just about anything is available on the...
Whatever the outcome, he's lost more in future business than he gained from Mafoofan's pre-paid 9-10 pants. This cyber black eye will be visible for a long time for any new potential customers and will impact his business for at least the short-midterm. Personally, I think he's being penny wise and tons foolish. As a businessman, I would have made this right long ago. His responses so far are not doing him any favors. His 'handlers' should reign him in and get him...
Take any pic from the WAYWRN thread and place it here with appropriately acerbic commentary. Stylewrecks strewn asunder along siren settled shoals.
A very nicely coordinated look. [[SPOILER]]
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