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Is it possible to find some chinos in a size 28? Any color but black.
Lol. Shit and "the shit". AHHAHAHA. Anyways, a cap means nothing, people will probably just blow it off. If they ask why you're wearing a cap, just tell them you don't want fucked up hair. Why do you feel like shit when wearing a cap?
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake For those of you wearing glasses, do you take them off/wear contact lens? Please advice. Having weakened vision doesn't hinder your ability to swim. It's not hard to see a wall and the bottom of the floor. Custom made goggles are an option, however they do cost more and people tend to lose/break goggles. I also need eye correction, and so I use contacts. During swim season, I would just wear my normal...
When you do the strokes correctly, you can really feel your muscles working. So a better stroke is a better workout. Eventually your goal isn't to get across the pool, it's to perfect the stroke and have a good workout. Well, this is at least how I feel.
I personally don't like having cell phones in the front pockets. Eventually your NS will fade and then you have this rectangle which ruins everything.
I recently picked up a Flathead chambray for 110. It was worn once though, I don't know if that condition matters to you. Here's a fit picture:
There are also different colors of selvage. The most common is red I believe. There are yellow, silver, orange, etc.
Not a bad sale at all. I only picked up a black long sleeve button down and a pack of socks. There are plenty of stuff at good prices.
No. BiG has the exclusive rights on Samurai in America, just like how SE has the rights for IH and FH and so on.
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