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7.6 miles.
It's been washed only once. Measurements from SE: Chest \t36 Shoulder Width \t16.5
New Skull 5010XX 7x6 Super Slim Grey jeans. Size 28 Great jeans, just too small. Looking for 175 shipped in the US. Worn total of 4 times Flathead Navy Chambray Long Sleeve. Size 36 Getting too small for me. Looking for 100 shipped in the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB It's not flannel, looks like a regular cotton weave gingham to me, using the guy's ltd sneakers as reference he probably wouldn't wear H & M. Could be Uniqlo, J Crew even Banana Republic. H&M is up there with Uniqlo, J Crew even Banana Republic for him. BTW this looks like a WDYWT picture, why didn't you just PM him?
I actually love running in the rain. I feel like I can run so much more and I just enjoy the entire period of running.
I actually knew it wasn't denim. However, I didn't know that much about chambray. I happen to have one of these myself. I just asked the question to question what erdawe said. Free bump. I'd cop if I had a tad bit more money to spare.
Chambray = denim?
They had them at the San Diego Clark store at UTC a couple weeks ago.
4 months. Samurai s710. Post-wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 I do however, run on cement, which I heard is bad on the knees when I get older. If you're running in a park, try to run along the cement path, but on the grass. The grass absorbs some shock so it won't put as much strain on your body. Running on grass also forces you to pick up your feet, which helps your form.
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