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!0 months. Pre-Wash. Can't take post-wash pictures since camera is broken.
No BoO? Or am I late on something?
Do they accept phone orders?
Acne Samurai Sperry
Hey...I'm 18 also. Freshman at UCSD.
Is your offer still avaliable?
Quote: Originally Posted by capnpyro So one time like 5 years ago I bought a black Penguin polo and it shrunk really bad after drying, I think my roommate dried it after my first washing of it. Anyway, i went back to nordstrom to exchange it but had lost the receipt, I tried on a black lacoste polo and was on my way to the counter to explain the problem and noticed they had a line.. I said F it and just put hte penguin polo on the rack and walked out with...
A little after 6 months. 1 Initial soak. Washes at every 2 months. Pre-soak. Post-soak.
Ugh, haven't ran in about a week. 5.8 miles during sunset.
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