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BUMP 145 shipped.
Link to BiG: Used for about month. Looks and feels just when I got it. No stains/damages. Heavy as fuck. Shit's a weapon. Asking 150 shipped.
I'm thinking it will probably be around the 30-35000 yen range. Most Samurais appear to be that price, except for the AI denim. Well hopefully.
i think it's just me, but the webshop isn't working...? EDIT: i needed the "www."
I am in love with the blacks. Any explanation for new arcs? Not a fan of the cruve.
I've been having nightmares of living with my roommate for eternity.
thought you're snowboarding constant struggle?
Really? I ended up getting the BoOxSperry loafers and they are the same size as my Clarks.
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