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pit to pit 19 shoulders 17.5
RJB 66BSPBK More info: Worn 5 times. Hemmed by Self Edge. One initial wash. Size 28 Measurements: Waist 29 Front rise 10 Leg opening 6 Inseam 33 220 shipped. Nudie Slim Jims Worn and washed once. Size 29 Measurements: Waist 29 Front rise 9 Leg opening 7 Inseam 32 70 shipped.
what ever happened to the rakuten thread?
not a fan of the belt. jeans might look better with a different silhouette. but follow chrono's advice get some black coated jeans. breaststroke doesn't make your legs huge*
i would imagine it to be hard. especially with the thin ball sack skin.
120 shipped.
125 shipped?
130 shipped.
140 shipped.
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