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My sister tells me that brushing your lips with a DRY toothbrush will remove the chapness and it will be plump and red.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheHoff Who else runs the stairs? I used to do morning fasted cardio but I'm mixing it up now by running the stairs in the morning (after breakfast and first dose of E/C). I love it! Today I did 64 flights of 16 steps each. I can do 16 flights at a time now, which is a good improvement over the 10 or 12 I could do when I started two weeks ago. I like it because it is -- challenging (to better your own results each time),...
91 Honda Accord. Handme down car, but decent for a daily driver.
I actually like the 08 Accord. It's freaking huge. Looks are pretty decent.
^^ My brother uses that...although it's not much help since he just leaves it in one spot and watches TV.
^^ Yes. After he gets rid of those 11 pairs of Imperials, he won't carry them anymore. =[
One with Imperial right? If I remember....
Do you give out confimations?
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