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cheese selection looks sublime
living in fremont,ca
6 miles...sad that this is a long run
2 so weak mentally
get a mac and run parrallels. Problem solved... macside for free time and windows for work.
Just want to put some feelers out there and receive some feedback. I am doing research into creating a ratemyprofessor / apartment ratings like website for suppliers. I currently work in supply chain and see an opportunity here as we often wait for suppliers to approach us. As someone who has an initiative to reduce lead-time and costs annually as many other people due, what are thoughts on a website that would rate suppliers on quality, cost, leadtime efficiency,...
I second Manton... Also, is there a specific reason you are going to Napa? I actually prefer the dry creek valley up in Healdsburg for wines and it gets a lot less crowded... ( I am also biased because my uncle is a winemaker and also has his own vineyard in the dry creek valley)
Ate lunch at a small deli in bay area... Lunch was venison. I love me some deer.
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