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please delete thread
There is something truly majestical about a Bonsai. My grandparents had a 8ft bonsai in their japanese themed back yard. It went along with the rock garden and koi pond. I will always admire it and be thankful that it will maintain in my families control.
beautiful place though. where is it?
Do you have cash to buy this? If so, it makes the process a hell of a lot easier.
I had a really good experience at Commonwealth and my date thoroughly enjoyed it... Perhaps that is why I have always thought of it highly? .... I would also reccommend Ristorante Milano to anyone if they are looking for a romantic Italian environment with home made ingredients and a guaranteed good meal. Been 3 times and never had a bad experience.... Also love Chapeau in SF!
stay in college as long as possible! If you an do it for free! even better! become a professor!
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