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Besides google of course, is there anywhere specific I should be looking this info up?
Holy &(&*# ............ How much did you sweat through that?
Major: Finance Minors: Econ and Supply Chain Honorary Minor: Real Estate (from doing financial modeling for the school in 2 real estate development competitions)
CAnt imagine either if you were a male under 27
Hi guys, Hopefully you can help me out. I really want to start playing soccer. I have never played it competitively although I am 22 now. I am very athletic and plenty of endurance so I dont think that would be an issue. (i played varsity football and basketball in h.s. and ran D1 xc and track in college). However, I do not know where to start. I live in Milpitas,CA and was wondering if anyone knew where there are any leagues around or pickup games or anything like that....
6 miles.... rouuuugh
interested as well
what kind?
believe they call that philanthropy
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