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Thanks for all the ideas guys...i will try to incorporate all of them except playing golf. Although I plan on doing the 17 mile drive... Thanks!
Day. I live 2 miles from 237 and 880 freeway intersection.
Moved to the bay area about 6 months ago and have not made it out yet. Thinking of going this weekend with the little woman. Any recs on things to do or places to eat?
thanks...for responses...this is in a small southern state (dirty south) will post pics upon completion
Good deal or Have I been had? This is in the United States and nothing is sent to China.
man, what bad luck... I was just in Encino last week... Anyone have any feedback on the place... Sounds like it good be a big winner
Any idea to which Mexican boot shops those may be?
Hi Guys, Is there any where to get shoe lasts done in the bay area so that I can place a bespoke shoe order or am I SOL?? Thanks and Happy New Year!
Anyone know where I can get a shoe last done in the bay area? I work in Silicon Valley and want to get some bespoke shoes. Thanks for any help or recommendations.
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