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Bump.... To ask the same thing... Anyone know what the Marinella London store is charging for ties at the moment?
the only place b casual means jeans is in silicon valley and defense companies.
Anyone go to Mama's for breakfast?
HI Kent, I wanted to know how you would compare your shoes vs Carmina's
I will throw in a free Christian Dior 16x 34 light blue dress shirt too. I am trying to clean out my closet of anything I do not fit into it.
Does Carmina ship polish with all shoes?
Final price drop.
they were authentic but i needed cash fast that month
Any update to when you will have the new Saphir products available on the online store?
Greetings, My company is interviewing a bunch of people on Friday and my boss has put me in charge of finding a place for 18 people that displays a high quality of life / fun in Silicon Valley / San Jose. I have a $1200 budget. I was thinkin Santana Row. Any suggestions?
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