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It might be called The Getaway: Black Monday.
They're nicely made ties, but I don't think they're going to amaze anyone with their designs or luxuriousness. I appear to have created a mountain out of a mole hill.
You've got a solid little site. Quite user friendly. I think the scans would add to the history section.
The clip-on buttons are doing their job well. I've been wearing them for three days now with three different suits. No problems so far. Based on current experience, I'd recommend them.
M@t, I don't have an eBay sellers account.  Also whenever I've sold something, I've not asked the customer-to-be what the item was worth. Update: A colleague thinks the ties are from the 1980s. I suppose that means they're not quite old enough to be interesting, but I went and bought five more anyway. I couldn't bring myself to buy all the ties they had, since I didn't like all of them. I might steel myself to buy the rest for commercial purposes in the future.
I've been told my father used to wear Saxon Hawk as a child; though considering my mother's ability to recount factual information, this may be from when he was a child up to when he was a teenager. He was born in '45 or so, so that'll give you some idea of the brand's age.
I'll probably buy them. If I ever get a digital camera I might post pictures. Thanks for the advice.
How much are good condition Anderson & Sheppard ties worth?  Imagine quite they're old; the patterns don't look modern. I've seen a few for sale secondhand hand and am tempted by them, partly because of the construction - some have that little piece of thred inside Flusser said marked a good tie - and somewhat by the patterns.  If I bought them and couldnt find anything to wear with them, would they be easy to sell? Thanks. EDIT: If this should be in buying and...
Good Lord.
Quote: Where does one get interesting socks of high quality?  Paul Stuart has an okay selection I guess.  But I would love to find, for example, the kind with that sort of old fashioned "deco" design down the side - like an elongated lyre or scroll in a contrasting color - maybe even incorporating a monogram into the design. By the way, does anyone else wear garters? If by garters you're talking about sock suspenders, then I'll be wearing some...
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