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I have a massive bag of cotton patches I use to clean my firearms with. I use those and throw them away after use.
Title: SUEDE Adelade MTO Liningmedalion + captoePeaked Heal counterLastCopper suede belt wanted? Not 100% We can get one.Percent Certainty you will be participatingIssue zLeetpumaNot sure yet  medium noLight noOlfe/park 95% P.henrik?Stong yes?    denbopurplemedium nomedium yesOlfe / ParkBelt (no deal-breaker)98% griffion_idredmedium nodont carepark   agedashidofuredstrong nostrong yesparkBelt Please  SidewinderX No opinionmedium noLight yesNot sure want...
As a fellow Canuck, welcome to the forums! Definitely interested in trying out a custom shirt.
Bump. The recent warm weather brought some life back to Deadmonton. Surely this thread can have a revival?
Are you gents wearing the same size Lazio as you are in Washington? How do the fits compare? My 40R Washingtons are almost perfect, and some Lazio fabrics are really catching my eye!
I could do it. Let me know where you live and how many sleeves you'd like! I'm actually a big fan of this cioccorosso. I bought 12 sleeves lol.
SS doesn't have waistcoats unfortunately OP's best bet might be to go with the cummerbund.
Close this pointless thread please, someone.
I think it distinguishes itself from Ristretto and Arpeggio (much more "classic" tasting to me) to warrant buying it. Same case applies with Indriya for me.I don't get the love for Rosabaya here. It's just exceedingly sour to me.
The Kazaar is fantastic as a straight up shot, but not a big fan of it as a cappuccino...
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