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As mentioned many times above, AE PAs and 5As. In brown.
NYR, whatever you get made I'd want to buy off you. I love your style, and your stuff fits me perfectly.
I'm no help. I go about my business naked at home.
Luckily there's a 1 series for those on welfare now!
One only needs one pair of black shoes for funerals. And operas. Get brown. AE Park Aves and Fifth Aves are terrific shoes for the price and almost must-haves. Challenge yourself to get out of Aldos/Kenneth Coles - Get a pair of Fifth Aves in Walnut and learn to love them!! You can darken them slightly with brown shoe polish if it really is not working.
Bigger question is why one would own a black suit.Brown shoes aren't appropriate for funerals.
Promise I'll be good tomorrow
I'm 22 and wearing the PAs proudly. Just do it!
Horribly grey weather, led to this: A little too much, sure. But when it's -18 out and snowing, flashes of colour does wonders
New Posts  All Forums: