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Close this pointless thread please, someone.
I think it distinguishes itself from Ristretto and Arpeggio (much more "classic" tasting to me) to warrant buying it. Same case applies with Indriya for me.I don't get the love for Rosabaya here. It's just exceedingly sour to me.
The Kazaar is fantastic as a straight up shot, but not a big fan of it as a cappuccino...
I'm addicted to my Nespresso Latissima Plus. All I buy are the Arpeggio, Indriya, Ristretto, Kazaar, and Roma. Arpeggio is my go-to for everything. Cappuccino, latte... I tend to pull a cappuccino and a latte into a travel tumbler for work. Ristretto is used for this too... Kazaar and Indriya make for great mid day bombs. Roma is just for sublime affogato!
Oddly it has warmed up to ~16°... Miss you man. Those were fun times we had at our get togethers! Hope things are going well for you over there
I'd like to bring this thread back up... our get togethers seem to have died out, but maybe we can get something started again. Out of all the cities in Canada, we've been the most active and maybe even numerous... let's bring that back! I propose a dinner some time. I know we were trying to get a informal dinner club started before, but that failed to materialize...
Since it's in Canada.... can I play? I have a Tom Ford I could throw in
Why do people here on SF insist on wearing black trousers?
Get them bespoke for a relatively low cost from Chester Jefferies
I need to know too.8.5D in Fifth Aves (5 last), 8D in Larchmonts. They're slightly wider and have a little more volume too.
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