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Excellent write up, I am very excited to see how it turns out! Thanks for keeping us updated
*cough cough*
I wear the same size Inca/Robert/Rain as my C&J 341 and 348.
Congratulations. I just read the entire thread. Now I'm off to poo.
Prince Albert only thread?
All 6 of you should get together, pull it out and get a circle picture for us!
Chinese New Years red... I realized I don't have much red.
Just got my IPSC Open gun!
To preserve tradition that: 1. Your generation killed (generalizing ages here of course): and... 2. My generation then put the nail into metaphoric coffin of: We're not all like that. Some of us actually have... ...hmm, how do I express it... Taste. Style. Otherwise, it comes down to the fact that it makes me feel good. That I can dress in a manner that suits a tradition that is sadly no longer the norm, yet be able to express myself through creativity. Sets...
I can vouch for the construction - I have Porters in mottled navy! I think I will call the Matthews the Spoosters. Sounds more like a pair of sneakers though! I would like to hear people's opinions on those vs. the Lowndes though...
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