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Just in case they read this thread, fingers crossed for more basic solid charcoal grey (maybe even 3 piece!) and navy blues for their Autumn/Winter line coming up. Especially in the Washington.
No worries at all. Just thinking along the lines of what we have done in the past! We all could save a bit of money (SF has a way of draining disposable income rapidly) How about Cactus Club? Decent food at a decent price?
Casual day! Shell PTB on P2 last
May I propose a dinner April 24 (Thursday) evening? Location and time to be decided, depending on availability. We've had successful dinners before at Niche and Wildflower. Other good places may be Vivo, XIX, or Corso (doubt we can get a larger group though). Anyone?
Maybe-it's-finally-spring bump.
Hoping someone can help a little with sizing (the Euro vs UK sizing has me confused) I'm a 40.5 in New Peter (P2) and a 41 in U. Would I be 41 in F? If anyone has any experience with Carmina, would my best bet be 7.5UK in Rain?
Just ordered 4 shirts!
Purple vs Red was a win win for me anyways I recall seeing something about flush metal toe taps. Are these something that will be done on an individual basis within the GMTO?
For sizing... I know we won't really know for Park until it comes out. I'm a 7.5E in C&J 348. Perfect 41 in Vass U Last, and 40.5 in Vass P2. I'm assuming 7.5E would be the Olfe size most likely to work for me?
Title: SUEDE Adelade MTO Liningmedalion + captoePeaked Heal counterLastCopper suede belt wanted? Not 100% We can get one.Percent Certainty you will be participatingDoes Leetpuma have your email yet?LeetpumaPurple  medium noDont careOlfe/park 95%yesP.henrik?Stong yes?    denbopurplemedium nomedium yesOlfe / ParkBelt (no deal-breaker)98%Yesgriffion_idredmedium nodont carepark  Yesagedashidofuredstrong nostrong yesparkBelt Please YesSidewinderX No opinionmedium noLight...
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