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Winter check-in!
Still waiting for the Carmina black wholecuts to come back in stock!
Did you get a chance to try any of the suits?I'm lucky - the 40R Washington fits be absolutely perfectly. I just need the sleeves shortened by about 0.5", which I can do without any issues even with the working button holes.
Might be paying for branding... couldn't have been cheap getting the sponsorship for the Dutch Olympic team! Their OTR is simply fantastic value if you can find your fit!
Would like to order a black bow tie... would anyone be able to tell me the difference between Fermo Fossati and Bianchi silk?
Colour is washed out from the office fluorescent lights, but here is the dark green washington with a Sam Hober grenadine tie.
Washed out colours (stupid office flourescent lights) Hober SF club tie.
Just in case they read this thread, fingers crossed for more basic solid charcoal grey (maybe even 3 piece!) and navy blues for their Autumn/Winter line coming up. Especially in the Washington.
No worries at all. Just thinking along the lines of what we have done in the past! We all could save a bit of money (SF has a way of draining disposable income rapidly) How about Cactus Club? Decent food at a decent price?
Casual day! Shell PTB on P2 last
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