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distinctive - Simply a brill seller. Thanks!
I am utterly amazed at the lack of class and simple general crassness that certain individuals so eloquently display on a fora otherwise filled with the finest of gentlemen.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I like all those words individually, but somehow when you put them together... Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Yea I would be down if it was like Blake Lively breast milk or Courtney Cox breast milk Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins I would require a photo of the mother to determine if I would eat this. If it were from Susan Boyle, then I would pass. If...
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman I'm looking to buy a suit in the next month but I'm not sure where to go here in town. Direct me to a good place! I'm willing to spend $1000 or more, but I want it to be a nice suit, and tailored afterwards to fit me. Suggestions? Harry Rosen or Henry Singer. That's about it unfortunately...
Spoo, Orgetorix, acridsheep and PandArts... you fine gentlemen have become my idols for the forthcoming while. It's impossible to vote. Very well done to everyone.
Brilliant thread idea! Subscribed! Thanks for the pictures guys! Keep them coming! Where do you guys get your Saphir products? I'm looking for some after seeing the results and I'd love to know a good place to get them that hopefully ships to Canada!
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I sent him a PM on the Burberry too! I guess we'll have to see who struck first. Good luck! Sorry mate!
I'll take the Burberry. PM Sent! (Were the PS stored rolled up into a ball at the bottom of your drawer? )
I could almost swear Firth's had 2 vents.
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