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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo ^Hell no. Couldn't they have at least gotten a Russian? OOOHhhh, she's got big tits. Dangerous. I couldn't care less about her nationality.
Hell yeah.
I'd like a dirty blue tie.
Why does the warranty for crappy earphones matter?
Quote: Originally Posted by John62 Hi, I just checked the AE site and the sale is over. Does anyone know where I can find AE Park Avenue at a reasonable price. I need to replace a pair that is about 15 years old. Give the shoe bank a call if a 2nd is acceptable to you. They can track one down for you.
Bose audio products are crap. $100 budget? Etymotic ER-6 Westone 1 Shure SE210 ANY of these will be VASTLY superior to the Bose. I'm sorry, but anyone who purchases Bose products these days just haven't done their research properly. Or appreciate good sound. *EDIT* In case it wasn't clear, anyone looking for some incredible headphones don't buy Bose.
I never have cash on me. I wouldn't go anywhere that doesn't take debit or credit.
I much prefer the real colour you have there. Well done!
License Keycard for apartment complex and university office/lab Debit/ATM card 2 credit cards
Does anyone know how much a pair of MTO AE costs?
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