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I hope OP does, it's a terrific steal. But then again, he did purchase them just to flip them, so...
Holy crap. I'm staying away from BST for the next.... 5 hours. These should all be gone by then.
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman She still doesn't know what the plans for the evening are, and I'm still working out when I'm going to tell her about the Fantasyland part. I mean, she needs to know so she can pack overnight stuff, some nice lingerie, and so on, right? Could simply tell her it's a little trip. She doesn't have to know it's just up the Whitemud
Oh how I love you guys
Well done OP! I was so very close to buying a pair of Van Ness in Chili when they had their sale for $199 for a pair of "firsts"... then remembered that at one point they had the seconds on sale for $129. I'm still very angry at myself for missing out on that one. I have my guy at the Brookfield location keeping an eye out for me! Terrific chap who's helped me with the 5 pairs of seconds I've bought...
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE whenever you guys start talking about money on here i just dont know what to do. Very much my thoughts too....
And please don't lump all us Asians together as brand-whoring people who just want to be walking billboards rather than care about the finer elements of fit, style and class... Not all of us are like OP.
Who is that in OP's post?
Interestingly, this ad makes me want to be one of those vegetables.
Lots of people here have read The Game I see.
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