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And if you'd like some restaurant recommendations, shoot me a PM or ask away!
The fiancee and I spent 5 days in Rome, 4 in Florence, 3 in Milan and 5 in Venice for the Italy segment of our 6 week trip in Europe. I'd love another day or 2 in Rome. Well, in all of the above really. Dress well, don't look like a tourist, do and eat what the locals do. You'll have a splendid time indeed. Next time we head back to Europe, I hope to get a car and drive along the country side and explore the country that way.
Are you going to wear a dive computer too? I have a submariner but I wouldn't take it diving... I'm always wearing either my UWATEC Aladin or Suunto mosquito. Since I do teach scuba diving when I'm back in Hong Kong, lots of people do like to wear a Submariner / Deepsea there. You'd just be wearing two things on your wrist in that case! I'd never consider purchasing a Omega over a Rolex. My Submariner is a daily beater and built like a brick.
I must be blind and unable to find your asking price for the LV passport holder?
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi Those Aquascutum trenches look amazing. I wish that you have them in size 38. You'd be fighting over them with me!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mudhiker Hey, we found hermes man!
I'll take #3 and #9 if it falls through!
Quote: Originally Posted by Incognito While I now have come to terms with the fact that pumps probably are a better inevestment, I just can't get over the feeling that they have a feminine touch to them... :/ On the other hand they are the correct footwear, and I'd like to do it "right". On the other hand I'm not likely to wear patent leather at other times than this annual white tie event and the annual black tie event... This is turning into the single...
As a student in his final year of cognitive psychology undergrad studies, I have several interviews lined up for a year of interning at a range of positions (from psychological lab/research roles, to program evaluations at large corporations / institutes, to psychometric testing at correctional facilities). Now, given the nature of these jobs here in Edmonton, Alberta... I know almost for a fact that none of these interviews will be conducted by people wearing a suit....
Pretty much all the advice has been given (and thank you for them! Such information is always useful especially to college students like myself) Just wanted to say congratulations to the OP on your new job and being able to initiate your resignation so smoothly!
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