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That bag is absolutely delicious.
Crap. I'm dying to wear some nice shoes. Well, anything with a leather sole. Can't it be April already?
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE +1 to teh shirt chest pocket. None of my shirts have those. Ewwww Mine neither. Nor semen stains.
Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they are angry at Kenneth Cole for his tweet. Oh wait. What did I do there?
Semen stains.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incognito Okay thanks! Is this really the case, I read somewhere that it depends on location and arguable how aristocratic one is. While not even the slightest bit aristocratic I understood it that us Euros are more likely to let the waistcoat peek out. While I think I have no choice in the matter due to the limited availability of stores carrying anything white tie related around here, which would be more flattering in...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH You should have a tux shirt, with single cuff french cuffs, I would say that black oxfords are acceptable, or patent leather oxfords, obviously. If they are regular calf, make sure they are a simple cap toe, plain toe, or wholecut. A chesterfield coat is acceptable, or a cape. It will be hard to find but in the silent film from 1929 called The Wonderous Lies of Nina Petrowna there are some perfect examples...
Quote: Originally Posted by SilvioDante +1 Please enlighten me as to where you can get shoes of higher quality than AE for less than $200.
I'm in the same boat. Ties, bowties, sport coats...... And I'm an undergrad student in Edmonton, AB. I should be either in sweatpants and hoodies (to be the typical undergrad student) or be in flannel, worn out jeans and cowboy boots (to be the typical Edmontonian). (Edmontonians, I jest.) Somewhat.
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