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Gweneth Paltrow sounds absolutely awful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Florence Welch > Jennifer Hudson Did not hear or comprehend a word Florence Welch said/sang.
I'm bummed about Inception not getting best soundtrack. The facebook movie won over Inception??
What the hell are they wearing??? Jude Law too. Jesus.
A little disappointing so far...
Didn't work for me but I promise I'll try make the next one Question for Edmontonians here. Forrest at Paris Tailors has retired from what I gather. I'm looking to have sleeves lengthened on a SC (easy enough) and attempt to have a DB DJ "shrunk" from a 40R to a 38R (a tad harder). Any recommendations for tailors in the city that can do that? Anyone else enjoying the snow?
jefferyd has spoken. /thread
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Duh. I WANT. I'll give you $35. PayPal ready to go.
Ahhh bugger, those Burberry pants are so wrong yet I really want them...
Excellent dealings with: theyare tweedydon Mr.K guy321 Ryan9 Kitontini sartorialism padronlover zbromer Yes I went on a binge... Thanks again to all you terrific gentlemen!
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