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What's a shoe circle? I'll try to make it, but I'm getting a ride to Ikea that day from a buddy with a truck to pick up a wardrobe... Stupid SF. I've been here for not too long and I need a new one already.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS He does appear to be a man ... but who? To quote a tour guide at a Southern mansion: "That picture is of nobody he knowed." Actually, that's Donnie Yen. Many in Hong Kong (myself included) see him as the Bruce Lee of this generation.
Fact of life here in Edmonton! Rock the car, deflate the tires.
Olivia Wilde should be higher than 30.
Awaiting Strawfut linen seconds!
I seriously wish they'd stop lumping those Chinese/Asian people (and hermes man) with us other Chinese/Asian chaps. Being from Hong Kong, I can unequivocally state that I amongst many others look upon such people with absolute disdain. Style and status are not conveyed by the wearing of garish branded items but rather in subtle, well thought out and quiet yet powerful details. Consider this: Knob. Splendid Gentleman
...... I want out of my university. I've had professors lecture my Psychology classes in a band t-shirt. And of course, since we are in Canada, sandals with socks.
And if you'd like some restaurant recommendations, shoot me a PM or ask away!
The fiancee and I spent 5 days in Rome, 4 in Florence, 3 in Milan and 5 in Venice for the Italy segment of our 6 week trip in Europe. I'd love another day or 2 in Rome. Well, in all of the above really. Dress well, don't look like a tourist, do and eat what the locals do. You'll have a splendid time indeed. Next time we head back to Europe, I hope to get a car and drive along the country side and explore the country that way.
Are you going to wear a dive computer too? I have a submariner but I wouldn't take it diving... I'm always wearing either my UWATEC Aladin or Suunto mosquito. Since I do teach scuba diving when I'm back in Hong Kong, lots of people do like to wear a Submariner / Deepsea there. You'd just be wearing two things on your wrist in that case! I'd never consider purchasing a Omega over a Rolex. My Submariner is a daily beater and built like a brick.
New Posts  All Forums: