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If you could send me a PM about pricing and availability for blue Player's 8D that'd be great!
Hello! With all the purchasing I've done here, guess it's time for me to sell something! If anyone knows the year this was likely to have been made in... do let me know! Up for sale today is an unworn pair of Vintage Imperial Longwings, 8D Pebble Grain. Printed inside: 8D 618499 10 92604 EJ Picture to show pebble grain texture Brand new original soles FULL DISCLOSURE: Water? Dirt? stains on insole Oxidation on nails (easily removable I'd...
BecaUse I get to read your posts Spoo!
I'd love the McQueen blazer but I'm a true 38... had me excited until I converted the numbers Any chance it'd fit? Really want it
I wish they were a US 8. Well I'm glad they're not. I hate SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I'll give you $30. PayPal ready to go. I will not be under bid on this tie. I can go lower than anyone. $35? The price is $53 now. I didn't agree to sell it for $35. Demand is too good for $35. It's $53.
Now it will take too much effort add him to my ignore list Good riddance. Now, OP's shoes following his polishing...
distinctive - Simply a brill seller. Thanks!
I am utterly amazed at the lack of class and simple general crassness that certain individuals so eloquently display on a fora otherwise filled with the finest of gentlemen.
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