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Looking to have a black tie shirt made... Marcella turn down collar/cuff. Was wondering how the default fabric (Lustrous Fine White) was? Is there any white voile fabric that I should consider?
Suit supply, why no staple Washingtons?! I've just ordered the navy York.
Surely we as conscientious men must aspire to something greater?If we accept everything that is popular and commonly seen as correct, we shouldn't bother with the perfect trouser hem. By and large the majority of men out there have clumps of excess trouser fabric stacked on top of their shoes.I don't feel superior that my dinner jacket has peak lapels. I won't look down upon those that have a dinner jacket sporting notch lapels. But I sure as hell would never own a dinner...
Winter check-in!
Still waiting for the Carmina black wholecuts to come back in stock!
Did you get a chance to try any of the suits?I'm lucky - the 40R Washington fits be absolutely perfectly. I just need the sleeves shortened by about 0.5", which I can do without any issues even with the working button holes.
Might be paying for branding... couldn't have been cheap getting the sponsorship for the Dutch Olympic team! Their OTR is simply fantastic value if you can find your fit!
Would like to order a black bow tie... would anyone be able to tell me the difference between Fermo Fossati and Bianchi silk?
Colour is washed out from the office fluorescent lights, but here is the dark green washington with a Sam Hober grenadine tie.
Washed out colours (stupid office flourescent lights) Hober SF club tie.
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