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You'll find some support for notch lapels here. But in general, not for 2 buttons on a dinner jacket.Having not seen a Thom Browne dinner jacket, but rather just going off suits that I have seen from the label, I would imagine the extremely slim cut is "fashionable". Will it look good? If it does to you and your peers, then sure thing. But will it be timeless? Definitely not.There's a reason the gold standard remains elegant. Small deviations are of course possible - but...
Good on you for wanting to wear a dinner jacket for your prom!That's the hard part. Now's the fun part. Read this site and then come back with any questions you have:
I'm a strong proponent of grosgrain / faille over satin for the lapels. Never notch if you can help it (yes, I know the historical precedent exists, but I firmly believe peak or shawl looks far better). The black tie guide will explain everything in much more detail.
I like that idea. I find that on bloody cold days like today, I can do without the galoshes. Still no nice shoes, so a beater pair of AE Park Aves today. Read that first. It will tell you all you need to know about the "details".
I've had a Umnumzaan, but I found I preferred to carry a Sebenza for times I'm not in a suit. It's just sleeker and nicer to me. If I'm in more casual clothes (jeans etc), nothing beats my Zero Tolerance ZT350.I cannot recommend Chris Reeve's knives enough. Both the Sebenza and Mnandi are addicting to collect and honestly... rather strikingly beautiful.Here is one amazing collection of Sebs... (which I wish was mine)
I carry this daily: Chris Reeves Mnandi with box elder panels. He makes them with basically any wood you can imagine. They are rather addicting to collect.
The red dot optic on the top projects a holographic red dot on to the lens. This means that the dot can be simply placed on top of the target (allow for full target focus) - no sights to align, or shifting focus from the front sight to the target depending on the difficulty of the shot.The compensator on the end of the barrel redirects gas from the burning gun powder upwards and rearwards. This serves to mitigate the upward muzzle flip and the backwards recoil of the gun....
Tax and duties for my black calf wholecuts came to $120 18% duty for shoes + GST (sales tax) That's how we have our "free" healthcare here in Canada!
No. I'm normally a 38R. All my Washingtons and even the York are 40R.
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