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Crockett Jones today.
These were my first pair of "real" shoes, and before I knew what my size should be! Pity, since they fit me perfectly in all other aspects... in fact, these took me through a 6-week Europe "backpacking" trip (backpacked with a dinner jacket and 2 suits - I hate looking like a tourist) as part of a 2 pair rotation... Good to see you here, D! You should partake in what hopefully becomes a daily WAYWRN You are just one province over after all!
Another snowy day, another beater shoe day. Walnut AE Fifth Avenues. Mondays do require a bright splash of colour in the form of socks though!
You are but a frame to her painting.But what you suggested there I do believe is within the realm of tastefulness. Absolutely nothing wrong with a gold/black set of studs and cufflinks, thus I see no issue with it. If it will make you feel as though you are putting that very subtle note of recognition towards your wife's dress, why not? The gold-trimmed pocket square might be a little too much, as I do believe the pocket square should be a pure white linen (only adding a...
Shoebank! They used to ship USPS which made it much cheaper (no taxes) than via Fedex now. All 5 pairs of AEs I own (brown Park Aves, walnut Fifth Aves, brown suede FA, long branch boots, and brown/white linen Strawfuts) are from shoe bank sales.Can't wait until summer so I don't have to only wear my AEs. Even with galoshes, I just don't want to wear nicer shoes in this weather.
Very nice boots! Nice and bright for a cold and sunny day. Here's mine for today. I'm completely okay with casual Friday. Means I can have quite the leeway with what I wear. AE Longbranch and selvedge jeans from the Gap. I'm not a denim snob (and most definitely not a SW&D guy), but I did just order 2 pairs of Gustins at the urging of my friends!
Eh..... No.
You'll find some support for notch lapels here. But in general, not for 2 buttons on a dinner jacket.Having not seen a Thom Browne dinner jacket, but rather just going off suits that I have seen from the label, I would imagine the extremely slim cut is "fashionable". Will it look good? If it does to you and your peers, then sure thing. But will it be timeless? Definitely not.There's a reason the gold standard remains elegant. Small deviations are of course possible - but...
Good on you for wanting to wear a dinner jacket for your prom!That's the hard part. Now's the fun part. Read this site and then come back with any questions you have: www.blacktieguide.com
I'm a strong proponent of grosgrain / faille over satin for the lapels. Never notch if you can help it (yes, I know the historical precedent exists, but I firmly believe peak or shawl looks far better). The black tie guide will explain everything in much more detail.
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