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I really want those Mora 2.0 now. Since I'm really tight (slightly uncomfortable in volume and width) in 8D for Fifth Aves, I think I'm going to go with 8.5D. Should work....
It's a big deal, and I wanted to thank you for it! Just didn't want to clutter up the thread with a big quote and a thank you Here it is! Thanks! I appreciate your posting the details of the sale!But darn it! You're making me spend money.
Does anyone have an opinion on how the Mora 2.0 fits compared to something on the 5 last? I have a pair of 8D Fifth Aves that are very snug width and volume wise - not enough to make me not wear them, but enough to ensure I'd want something a little bigger for my next pair!
That's hilariously awesome.
I can never get over how silly the magazine release is on H&K polymer pistols. As far as my experience with reliability goes, M&Ps and Glocks are really quite amazing. The CZ pistols as well, although I can't stand the way they look... Keep in mind, I usually put about 3000 rounds downrange a month during the summer, and some of the guys I shoot IPSC with easily do 5000-6000 a month. Reliability issues come up a lot quicker for competitive shooters if they exist... So...
I'm not a fan of Kimber. For the price, STIs are fit much nicer and tend to be a lot more reliable. As with any 1911, a good gunsmith work-over will do it wonders, but when you can be that much closer out of the box at the same price range....
STI makes a fantastic competition-ready styled 1911 for very reasonable prices. I'd love one of their Ranger II's.Dan Wesson (does a fantastic bob tail for CC), Sig, Nighthawk, Wilson Combat... those are the ones I'd say are the top tier manufacturers for 1911's these days.
Agreed - but the trigger is still second to none when done right, and many better brands offer a very good trigger out the box.Perhaps you've identified the reason - different usage for the gun.My 1911 is sure as hell not a carry gun. I don't think anyone should carry a gun with 0 pre and over travel, and a 2.2oz. trigger pull.Zero rattle and extreme tolerances (my gun needed about 1500 rounds to cycle properly after hard chroming which added a microscopic thickness of...
Because the tolerances can be much better, and the trigger much nicer?I like my STI 1911, and that is considered basic compared to what I see being used out here in IPSC matches (USPSA for you guys)
I've had good luck with Package Express. Used them for over 2 years now.You next concern is whether they will bill a Canadian credit card.
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