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S&M white OCBD today under a BB blazer
Wow. Been a long time since I posted here. Sorry, been busy! Since the snow is back, I'm back to my AEs. Bonus pic today, cross post from the affiliate thread... New shirt from Spier and Mackay. Very happy given the price! Sam Hober grenadine grossa SF club tie
I picked up all my Vass here. The PTB were a pay it forward kind of thing from an awesome member here as they didn't fit him. the P2 last is the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I'm a 40.5 in the P2 and U last. 7.5 in Rain, Inca, all C&J. 8 in AE 5 and 8.5 in all other AE. Tweedy day today. AE Fifth Aves in chocolate suede.
Even though those are beaters, they look fantastic! I couldn't do the sharp contrast between your trousers and the boot's colour though My beloved Vass cognac shell cordovan PTBs today. P2 last with contrast welt stitching.
We haven't really had snow in Edmonton for a bit now. I like it being bitterly cold, since it means I can wear decent shoes and not be worried or bother with galoshes. Maybe I'll wear Carminas tomorrow if it's still cold enough and get some pics up
I love the boots there! Gingham is nice indeed! Another day, another gingham. C&J Lowndes in chocolate suede.
Crockett Jones today.
These were my first pair of "real" shoes, and before I knew what my size should be! Pity, since they fit me perfectly in all other aspects... in fact, these took me through a 6-week Europe "backpacking" trip (backpacked with a dinner jacket and 2 suits - I hate looking like a tourist) as part of a 2 pair rotation... Good to see you here, D! You should partake in what hopefully becomes a daily WAYWRN You are just one province over after all!
Another snowy day, another beater shoe day. Walnut AE Fifth Avenues. Mondays do require a bright splash of colour in the form of socks though!
You are but a frame to her painting.But what you suggested there I do believe is within the realm of tastefulness. Absolutely nothing wrong with a gold/black set of studs and cufflinks, thus I see no issue with it. If it will make you feel as though you are putting that very subtle note of recognition towards your wife's dress, why not? The gold-trimmed pocket square might be a little too much, as I do believe the pocket square should be a pure white linen (only adding a...
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