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For those of you who watch Downton Abbey, I really am in love with Mr. Talbot's dinner jacket... (Gentleman on the left)
Kopped! Can't wait
I certainly hope not.
Grosgrain. But less for the matchy matchy aspect, but more that the grosgrain is much nicer than the cheaper looking satin.
I've been attending concerts at the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra monthly in black tie. We finally had an event a few weeks ago where I'd say almost 15 other people were wearing respectable black tie. Somewhat fitting, since this concert was "Bond and beyond", with music from all the Bond films along with some spy movies (Mission Impossible, Austin Powers etc). Best part of it all? The majority of those in BT (myself included) were aged 20-30. Maybe there is some hope...
Damn. Sorry for letting this thread die out again!Nice weather means the Vass can come out and play.It's the Washington cut from suitsupply! I'm really liking their suits.
S&M white OCBD today under a BB blazer
Wow. Been a long time since I posted here. Sorry, been busy! Since the snow is back, I'm back to my AEs. Bonus pic today, cross post from the affiliate thread... New shirt from Spier and Mackay. Very happy given the price! Sam Hober grenadine grossa SF club tie
I picked up all my Vass here. The PTB were a pay it forward kind of thing from an awesome member here as they didn't fit him. the P2 last is the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I'm a 40.5 in the P2 and U last. 7.5 in Rain, Inca, all C&J. 8 in AE 5 and 8.5 in all other AE. Tweedy day today. AE Fifth Aves in chocolate suede.
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