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\That takes time, effort, and risking significant amounts of capital that could be used elsewhere. Why go through that trial and error phase?No one has said they didn't buy the OCBDs BECAUSE they had pockets. Sure, the preference is there for some, but if a sale is made in spite of the pocket being there, why does it matter to Spier and Mackay at the end of the day?If you don't like the pocket, remove it. I don't see what the big deal is. As a business, why would they...
One of my new favourite toys: Shun Higo Nokami.
I did not. Like I mentioned above, I shoot mostly IPSC / USPSA rather than the tactical style of shooting Costa/Haley does.I trained with Todd Jarret, Max Michel, and Ben Stoeger. Good friends with the latter.This is Ben shooting our Provincial match up here in Alberta, Canada earlier this summer.
It would have to be 7.62 NATO. Seems more with the times I mostly shoot USPSA / IPSC open division. So my pistol is very much built for speed. Freedom Gun Works (Camilla, GA) custom built gun. Shotgun is a Remington Versamax.This is my rifle without the big boom.
Because to offer both means to stock twice the number of items. Which means a much larger amount of money held up in stock.
The collar is a little small. But otherwise, nothing wrong with wearing that. Only you can tell if it's work appropriate for you. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any issues wearing that on a weekend day out if I happened to like it.
Night at the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Cross post with the Show us your Chan thread.
My Chan...
Newer OCBDs (stripes) and more stock of staples such as your white shirts would be awesome! I'm always too slow to grab the 15.5 white shirts you guys have. And your contemporary fit works perfectly for me... Just got a email that my last order of 6 shirts shipped
Thanks for doing this, razl! It definitely is much appreciated. As someone from the "good old days" of SF, I've been relatively inactive since the "new" forum largely because of the B&S. This thread here has quite honestly reinvigorated my interest here and gives a taste of how things used to be!Don't like a few ass clowns get you down. You're doing a fantastic thing here for this community!
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