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Tax and duties for my black calf wholecuts came to $120 18% duty for shoes + GST (sales tax) That's how we have our "free" healthcare here in Canada!
No. I'm normally a 38R. All my Washingtons and even the York are 40R.
Hah... misses do happen! Thing is, when a gun like that runs smoothly, you tend to go hyperspeed. Which is where mistakes can happen!Recoil is still present, but there really isn't much muzzle flip to the gun because of the compensator. Which makes aimed follow-up shots rather easy compared to a non-compensated firearm.
They are indeed. But given how popular they are for IPSC/USPSA, you can find a plethora of parts for them. Different grip panels (thin, thick, rubber, aluminium, skateboard tape), different sights (plain front, optic front, tritium front, single dot rear, double optic rear, serrated plain rear), and many many more. That particular picture has the thin aluminium grips on.These guns were designed for competitive use. They're too heavy for carry/duty. But coupling the full...
The CZ SP01 Shadow is a $900 gun. Not a custom build by any means.Not the prettiest firearm out there, but sure does the job.Shooting one of those versus shooting a polymer frame firearm like a Glock is almost...cheating. The single action pull can be tuned to be around the 3lb mark and be smooth as butter.I'm up in Canada. I typically shoot IPSC here and USPSA down in MT and WA. 3 gun I shoot up here, but would love to go to the big matches like iron man and superstition...
If allowable by the rules where you shoot, there's a reason guns like the CZ SP01 Shadow or Tanfoglio Stock 2 rule in IPSC/USPSA production. The steel frame makes them much better guns to shoot than polymer frames for what we do.Good choice on the VM. I use the basically the same gun for 3-gun here. Well, I got mine before the 3 gun model was released so I had the lifter welded and opened up the loading port myself.
Was at the wonderful Brahms Symphony No. 2 this weekend. Decided to go in black tie. Saw only one fellow black tie wearer. We looked at each other and did the smile and nod. Would that have happened to have been any of you gents?
Ummm... wrong forum?
Thanks Andy! I've ordered the shirt!
Looking to have a black tie shirt made... Marcella turn down collar/cuff. Was wondering how the default fabric (Lustrous Fine White) was? Is there any white voile fabric that I should consider?
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