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Newer OCBDs (stripes) and more stock of staples such as your white shirts would be awesome! I'm always too slow to grab the 15.5 white shirts you guys have. And your contemporary fit works perfectly for me... Just got a email that my last order of 6 shirts shipped
Thanks for doing this, razl! It definitely is much appreciated. As someone from the "good old days" of SF, I've been relatively inactive since the "new" forum largely because of the B&S. This thread here has quite honestly reinvigorated my interest here and gives a taste of how things used to be!Don't like a few ass clowns get you down. You're doing a fantastic thing here for this community!
...does this thread come with a self-necroing timer?? Necro'ed not once, not twice, but THRICE?!
I would have used a Walther WA2000 of course. And just to keep this thread going, here's me making some fireballs at last weekend's 3 gun match. Rhino Arms RA-4R 3-gun ready AR15.
I use a Gate 8 Trifold: http://www.gate8-luggage.com/trifold-cabin-bag Managed to fit a suit, a sports coat, 2 pairs of trousers, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, and a laptop. Carry-on size for European flights. Only issue I had with it was that the bag is a little front-heavy and can topple when fully loaded.
That's what happens when he's the only reason people have hopes in the Oilers. Though I still think the team is pretty shitty. Can't say much though for I'm a Leafs fan. Not by choice of course.Today... Carmina wholecuts in Rain.
Thanks for mentioning it - I bought it!
Yesterday. Phone somehow didn't manage to capture all the snow coming down...
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