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Don't get me back into that hobby either. I left my D70 in HK, along with all my lenses.I only seem to pick up expensive hobbies...Traveling is good mate Suggest a time that works for you and I'm sure we can sort something out!
It might have something to do with my new found hobby - I've started shooting again and will be shooting IPSC matches very very soon
I'm hardly ever here anymore. I said so from the very first day of the new forum... It's not some self-fulfilling prophecy... just happened somehow We should have a meetup again some time soon though gentlemen.
Given how many of us are waiting for the pre-ordered shoes, I'd hope so!
I still quite honestly think that the only production 1911 I'd ever buy is an STI.Handling quite a few different 1911, they all rattle and feel imprecise - apart from the STI.And at the price you can find the Spartan at, I don't see the reason for any other brands.
Someone pick a place and make a reservation? I'll give gfreeman a text since he did express interest earlier!
Unfortunately, Wed night doesn't work for me... Tomorrow night or Thursday does though! I'm up for anything. Just let me know!
Waiting on my Glock 17 to get in for Production division IPSC Yes I know it's a plastic gun. But I don't quite have the money for a 2011 open gun with the works to make it work reliably with major 9mm (+P++). Still recovering from my SF B&S binge.
Looking forward to it Geoff! I just came back from Calgary and cannot stop talking about how awesome Mercato is. My 4th time there. And it still will be a place I go to every time I'm down in Cow Town.
Tres Carnales, Corso 32, Niche and Blue Plate are the ones I'd commend looking at You can find the menus for these places quite quickly on Google! We can turn this into a get-together!
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