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Hell yeah! I've got some ties I never wear!Let's do it!
Would you have a measurement for the sleeve and the back? I suppose one from the end of the epaulet to the bottom of the sleeve, and from BOC to bottom would be appreciated! Thanks!
Yeah! Can't wait for my Malachite!
The imprint of the previous owner's foot isn't on the leather insole, but rather in the cork placed under the insole. It cannot be replaced, and thus will never truly fit you as the shoe was designed to. With time it will improve, but the imprint from the previous owner will still be there.
So you'll be on here plenty when you own your own practice soon?
It's as dead in here as Churchill Square.
You're Crazy.I moved here from Hong Kong and I can't wait to get out of here.
As mentioned many times above, AE PAs and 5As. In brown.
NYR, whatever you get made I'd want to buy off you. I love your style, and your stuff fits me perfectly.
I'm no help. I go about my business naked at home.
New Posts  All Forums: