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My finer wool socks also show that... I wouldn't worry!
Here's some more pictures... Don't mind the camera! Girlfriend has the real one. This one shows the colour a little better (dark/midnight navy) - the white doesn't appear, but rather is an artefact from the flash...
Oh God...
Hello gentlemen. I ordered these wonderful DC Lewis Mottled Navy Blue Porters in a rounded-toe 102 last, in size 8.5 and had them put away for a long time... and forgot about them. They are mottled like JL's museum calf, only that the DC Lewis navy is slightly darker, so it is not quite as apparent unless you look at it closely. A very nice subtle detail that makes me love these shoes... A top tier shoe here for sure. Worn briefly in a carpeted apartment just to confirm...
Excellent write up, I am very excited to see how it turns out! Thanks for keeping us updated
*cough cough*
I wear the same size Inca/Robert/Rain as my C&J 341 and 348.
Congratulations. I just read the entire thread. Now I'm off to poo.
Prince Albert only thread?
All 6 of you should get together, pull it out and get a circle picture for us!
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