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I only wish we can do black tie meet ups elsewhere! Bump for you!
St. Crispin's trees.....
Wish I knew mate.How are things over there?Merry Christmas folks! I'm off in warm Hong Kong for Christmas! Thinking of you guys
Buy with confidence and buy many folks. HomerJ here is a class act - I've bought 13 bracelets from him now!
Navy Porters in a 102 last are mine! No copy cats! They do look nice don't they? I can't wait. Best kind of Christmas gift - from me to me!
Those are.But I don't need navy AND suede ones............................
Holy crap!Are those mine?Did I miss a email??I completely forgot about my order......
Let me know if one of these evenings you're up for a shoot! Weekends can be hit/miss. But weeknights, especially Wed or Thu night is nice and quiet!
Agreed. A few too many of the guys who I've seen shooting at Phoenix are like that.I just find that the crowd who shoot competitively or in a league are less like that. Safety is the top priority in IPSC/IDPA and your time at the matches will be short lived with the wrong attitude.I understand the viewpoint of the Antis, but I think it just take someone who has a passion for firearms to take them to the range and show them how much fun it can be, without the "rambo"...
I'm a member at Phoenix since it's quite close to where I live. Drive 10 minutes down Whyte and I'm there. Expensive, but I go about 2 times a week, more when IPSC season starts. I've wanted to go to Spruce, but it's just a little too far!
New Posts  All Forums: