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Since it's in Canada.... can I play? I have a Tom Ford I could throw in
Why do people here on SF insist on wearing black trousers?
Get them bespoke for a relatively low cost from Chester Jefferies
I need to know too.8.5D in Fifth Aves (5 last), 8D in Larchmonts. They're slightly wider and have a little more volume too.
Does anyone have a picture of all the AE shell cordovan colours next to one another? About to buy a pair of Daltons in burgundy, but don't want to regret not having seen them in walnut or other colours first...
Very nice pickup! How would the Larchmont fit compared to the Rutledge? Similar length, but with a little more volume since it's a derby vs oxford? They are on the same last after all I think...
Cross post with the Friday Challenge. Pal Zileri suit, Drakes tie, C&J wingtips.
Here's my entry. I hope the photos are decent enough. It's raining hard outside, so the lighting won't be any better.
Soooo in.
How good is this shoe bank sell compared to the other recent sales?
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