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That's hilariously awesome.
I can never get over how silly the magazine release is on H&K polymer pistols. As far as my experience with reliability goes, M&Ps and Glocks are really quite amazing. The CZ pistols as well, although I can't stand the way they look... Keep in mind, I usually put about 3000 rounds downrange a month during the summer, and some of the guys I shoot IPSC with easily do 5000-6000 a month. Reliability issues come up a lot quicker for competitive shooters if they exist... So...
I'm not a fan of Kimber. For the price, STIs are fit much nicer and tend to be a lot more reliable. As with any 1911, a good gunsmith work-over will do it wonders, but when you can be that much closer out of the box at the same price range....
STI makes a fantastic competition-ready styled 1911 for very reasonable prices. I'd love one of their Ranger II's.Dan Wesson (does a fantastic bob tail for CC), Sig, Nighthawk, Wilson Combat... those are the ones I'd say are the top tier manufacturers for 1911's these days.
Agreed - but the trigger is still second to none when done right, and many better brands offer a very good trigger out the box.Perhaps you've identified the reason - different usage for the gun.My 1911 is sure as hell not a carry gun. I don't think anyone should carry a gun with 0 pre and over travel, and a 2.2oz. trigger pull.Zero rattle and extreme tolerances (my gun needed about 1500 rounds to cycle properly after hard chroming which added a microscopic thickness of...
Because the tolerances can be much better, and the trigger much nicer?I like my STI 1911, and that is considered basic compared to what I see being used out here in IPSC matches (USPSA for you guys)
I've had good luck with Package Express. Used them for over 2 years now.You next concern is whether they will bill a Canadian credit card.
Send me offers, gentlemen! Tuition needs to be paid
You've got PM
There should be a + internets bonus for someone who manages to wear as much Skulls & Crossbone items as possible, in a tasteful manner... "The" cufflinks, the slippers... a subtle bow tie...
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