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I just started... I still don't know how to use this darn thing. QuintessentiallyEclectic
I'm a 7.5E 348 and 8.5D AE No. 5 (just in case anyone else is reading) - I went with a 8.5 in the 102 and the length feels right, although it is a little tight right across the midfoot. Should loosen up nicely though!
I was very lucky!I don't know if it's a comfort to you, but if the fit did not work I would have been sending them over to you!How are the Florsheim pebblegrain wingtips from ages ago working for you?
Bwahahaha.Bloody well fantastic!!!THANKS MATE! Do appreciate it
Yes. I wear properly polished AE Park Aves to the opera as part of my black tie ensemble.
I want a Matthew.
Adam at Brookfield (brookfield@allenedmonds.com) has always been my guy
I would not hesitate to get seconds. If you were iffy on the Park Aves and/or Fifth Aves (I will say again, they are very fantastic, timeless and versatile - truly shoes that will serve you well for as long as you keep them maintained), the Ithaca at that price would be better than any Cole Haan, Aldo, Kenneth Cole etc etc...
How do they fit? Holy crap, I want one. Or 2. maybe more. Damn you.
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