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Bwahahaha.Bloody well fantastic!!!THANKS MATE! Do appreciate it
Yes. I wear properly polished AE Park Aves to the opera as part of my black tie ensemble.
I want a Matthew.
Adam at Brookfield (brookfield@allenedmonds.com) has always been my guy
I would not hesitate to get seconds. If you were iffy on the Park Aves and/or Fifth Aves (I will say again, they are very fantastic, timeless and versatile - truly shoes that will serve you well for as long as you keep them maintained), the Ithaca at that price would be better than any Cole Haan, Aldo, Kenneth Cole etc etc...
How do they fit? Holy crap, I want one. Or 2. maybe more. Damn you.
This Canadian is sad
Hell yeah! I've got some ties I never wear!Let's do it!
Would you have a measurement for the sleeve and the back? I suppose one from the end of the epaulet to the bottom of the sleeve, and from BOC to bottom would be appreciated! Thanks!
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