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I can vouch for the construction - I have Porters in mottled navy! I think I will call the Matthews the Spoosters. Sounds more like a pair of sneakers though! I would like to hear people's opinions on those vs. the Lowndes though...
Convince me that my Espresso suede Lowndes aren't right and I need suede Spoosters......I want mottled sienna spoos!
Friends and I stole the sheep in the window display of a Burberry.......
Name the place and time! And we should get that supper club going.
YEAHHH! Peeeeer pressure.
One can become a badass mother****er?
I just started... I still don't know how to use this darn thing. QuintessentiallyEclectic
I'm a 7.5E 348 and 8.5D AE No. 5 (just in case anyone else is reading) - I went with a 8.5 in the 102 and the length feels right, although it is a little tight right across the midfoot. Should loosen up nicely though!
I was very lucky!I don't know if it's a comfort to you, but if the fit did not work I would have been sending them over to you!How are the Florsheim pebblegrain wingtips from ages ago working for you?
Bwahahaha.Bloody well fantastic!!!THANKS MATE! Do appreciate it
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