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Took me a while to get off the Buy/Sell/Trade habit. Run away. Run away now. Kidding. Welcome back!
Van Ness
It's been a very long time.....
I officially hate you.
What a (potential) pain in the ass.
Would like measurements please!
All I see is the moustache. Bravo.
Went up to The Armoury twice on my trip to Hong Kong this Christmas, never managed to leave empty handed. At least I didn't splurge and get those oh-so-beautiful suede half-wing Carminas I didn't need, or the absolutely wonderful Luciano RTW jacket that fit like it was bespoke; one that I definitely couldn't afford.......... I will be back. Most definitely. That Luciano is calling my name.
My source for the 11 bracelets I own. Pictures will be forthcoming!
Just received my navy Porters in the 102 last last night (was on vacation). They look stunning. Definitely more of a midnight than a "navy", but they look fantastic. Initial fit, much more snug than my C&J 348 (7.5E). Similar to how my AE PAs (No. 5 last) were before break-in, as blasphemous as comparing these to a pair of AEs is! But I won't be able to wear them for a few months. It's snowy, slushy and very salty here Big thumbs up to David - top notch guy, very...
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