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It's a pocket knife. Or at least I carry it as one.I use it for steak when I eat out. Cuts absolutely beautifully.
Unfortunately I'm looking for something pretty much exactly like that - just the MOP stud exposed without the "halo" of metal around it. I do have a gold and onyx set, but I am looking for something without the gold being visible for a more minimalist appearance. And to match my plain pearl cufflinks (which also don't have any metal framing)
Pakeman Catto & Carter
Anyone have any source for shirt studs like these? Plain smoke MOP without any exposed metal. Preferably from a source that doesn't want £42 to ship a £24.50 set of studs...
OMG I'm so happy to see your return, Hermes Man. I've missed you.
This is my 686
One of my favourite just-for-fun guns (I don't own many since I only really shoot competitively) is a 6" 686 from 1989 - my birth year. Terrific gun to shoot, and also to progress newbies to from a .22 pistol. The weight in that 6" gun shooting light .38 Spl loads makes for a fantastically light recoiling gun that brings lots of grins to the range.
I've also had good experiences with Todd Jarrett, Eric Grauffel, and Max Michel. I still prefer Ben to all of them. Maybe Todd Jarrett would be another good person to take a class with in order to get the crucial solid fundamentals.Have you shot any USPSA matches before?
I had no idea red dots were used back in Vietnam! Learn something new everyday. That's pretty awesome!Oh the comp is definitely something else. The concussion is quite immense, and I almost always double up with both earplugs and earmuffs when shooting the rifle.I appreciate what Costa and Haley did as far as bringing firearms manipulation training and technique to the forefront. They emphasized safety and the need to practice above all else, and I think it's a good...
I find that the action shooting disciplines (USPSA/3gun etc) tend to have massive influence over the tactical shooters. The Costa grip has been used for a while in the 3 gun circuit because it allows for very fast driving of the weapon system (heh) from target to target. Likewise with the concept of having a red dot mounted secondary to a variable power primary optic. Or the slowly but surely trend towards pistols with red dots (albeit micro dots that are slide mounted...
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