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the most inexpensive dress boots I have are the AE Fifth street boots, which I purchased for 200 dollars as seconds. I think they were a good value.
PM sent!
seems like a bargain for those shoes. Unfortunately I wear a 9UK
I'm 5'9" about 180 lbs, My chest is 42+ inches or so but I usually go for a size 40 coat. My waist is 30 inches but I have big legs and glutes. I really appreciate seeing all the advice from others here. Style strategies for the swole: Suits/SCs: I like thrifting sportcoats and suits bc then I can do whatever I want to them without fear of potentially screwing up an expensive item. I've cut out the shoulder pads of several coats since I have big shoulders anyway. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Bless your heart if you are planning to use MARTA as a primary form of transportation. MARTA is a joke.
My cobbler recommended Lexol leather conditioner. Have any of you heard of it? Is Lexol any good? If not, I only spent 7 dollars on it.
I'm glad PandArts started posting again. Seems like there are some great newcomers too.
+1 on the Hyde Park OCBD. I got my first one in a thrift store a few years ago and I've been buying them directly from LE since. +1 on Club Monaco Also, I think you should start thrifting. My favorite casual items were purchased at thrift stores in Boston, NY, and SF. These vintage items break up the middlebrow monotony of wearing shirts and pants from J Crew and the like.
No one here reads ? perhaps its a bit too fashion forward for most on this forum but I enjoy this blog. I also read Put This On. I've looked at A Suitable Wardrobe before but not as often as the aforementioned blogs. I also look at StreetEtiquette but they don't update their blog very often. I wouldn't dress like those guys but I admire their style.
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust ...I came to the epiphany that to submit postings here was, implicitly, seeking approval, and that, ultimately, the only approval for my fits that I need is my own. has become obvious to me that I will never practice the "house style", and that there are elements of my fits that invoke the psychosexual anxieties of clothing-obsessed but otherwise straight men, from which they need to distance themselves. ...
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