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I've really enjoyed all of the creative threads but shoefan's series on making shoes has been truly inspirational. Latest instalment:
Selfridges in London had these Aquascutum coats on Saturday, on sale. It's not on their website though (, why not give them a call and see if they can help.
Interesting competition with 4 young tailors competing. Judged by Richard Anderson & Mark Powell.
Some books I have used: [URL=]][/URL] [URL=]][/URL] [URL=]][/URL]
Have you looked at Tusting's bags? This one's quite nice - I looked at it in Fortnum and Mason's:
Lemon juice mixed with salt is a lot less abrasive than Brasso - harder work though!
50 days per year (Can't carry any over) 6 months full sick pay! (My previous boss took this, returned for 3 weeks and took another 6 months)
Tried to order these beauties off the net but couldn't make sense of korean website! More here:
Edward Green Brummell - This is my first post - and my dream shoes!
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