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Borrelli shirts and scarves: Lots of sizes, but no 14.5's
2 suggestions: 1. Appreciation - Like the thumbs up, but used to say thanks without comment. Voxsartoria/F. Corbera's thread on coherent combinations for beginners was one of the most useful articles I've ever read on clothing anywhere and often I read very informative threads and would like to show the OP my appreciation without asking dumb questions or clogging up the thread with comments. 2. FAQ's - Could the Styleforum 101 be better organised along the same lines as...
Just watched Werner Herzog's Happy People: A Year in the Taiga. A community of people in Siberia, mainly focussing on the Sable trappers. An unusually mild temperature of -33C on 31st December!
Lovelux - I was in London Saturday and saw loads of great flannels: Jermyn Street -Hackett - lovely work on the inside. -T&A - Loro Piana cloth South Molton Street - Officina Slowear - loads of great Incotex flannels Hope this helps.
GPS shoes -
Not a documentary as such but an interesting animation based upon a lecture by Sir Ken Robinson called Changing Education Paradigms.
20% off Edward Green's (amongst others) at Edwards of Manchester with coupon code 'summer 2012".
Half-price Sunspel Riviera in Navy. Size Large.
Glad I could help. I'll look forward to seeing it in the WAYWRN thread!
Your link to the first is redundant, but from your description, would this be suitable? Their site does not mention width though.
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