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I am, it is.
Received this Finamore chambray today from Gentlemen's Footwear Deets [[SPOILER]]
14.5 find on Yoox Deets [[SPOILER]]
Loads of info, ethical hats and the finest in the world here: ...and you thought $7500 was expensive! Enjoy:)
David Page Coffin
If you are going to start with ties, here is a useful resource: I can also recommend all of David Page Coffin's other books. This forum will be useful when you have a few bigger projects under your belt: Have fun and enjoy the learning process.
I have the Kempton's too. Here is an aerial comparison: Kempton Pimlico
PM sent on 14.5
A few years ago a sales assistant in Budd's told me to put gloves on, spread my fingers and I should be able to drum upon the leather stretched across the palm. He told me that this was the sign of a well-fitting glove!
I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, but I was in London on Monday and discovered a newly opened Gallo store. They have a small selection of clothes, bi-colour ties and socks with more coming soon. They do not yet have a telephone number, email address or proper shelving! They can be found at 11 Long Acre Road, Covent Gardens, WC2 E9LH. The supervisor is Adam.
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