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Forget B&B unless you really feel like you have to. +1 Bar Agricole, but try and go early so you can talk to the bartender. It gets really crowded. Clockbar downtown is very nice and they know what they are doing. Best place to meet people at the bar. I also like Absinthe, great drinks, chatty, knowledgable bartenders. But THE BEST bar for serious cocktails is Heaven's Dog on Mission. Discuss what you like with the bartender and have them suggest something...
^^^ for all of the new splitters, this is the SF approved way to post a split and is more likely to get people to take you seriously. Just a friendly FYI.
Déclaration. I shoud wear this more. Great for the office. I tried CDG Avignon last night when we went out to dinner. I used 4 sprays and ended up in a cloud of bone dry frankincense all night. Seemed like an interesting oriental, but quite dry. Have to try it again with a lighter touch. Has anybody tried Montale Red Vetiver (or Vetyver. They seem to spell it both ways)?
Quote: Originally Posted by chet31 Got a sample of this recently, finally tried it yesterday, first impression (which you can't always go by, granted), loved it. Tried it last night and also loved it. Beautiful woody oriental with a nice lean crispness too it. I buy 2ml's and then if I like it buy 10 ml's, then think about a bottle. I am too new at this to have a lot of confidence in one test buying decisions. Vétiver Extraordinaire today.
Today - nothing! I received a sample of l'air du desert marocain yesterday and I want to try it out tonight. Gave it a quick sniff yesterday and seemed like an intruiging cedar/vanilla. Smells very promising.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandrake9072 Heavy showers all morning and possibly the rest of the day. Bleh Decided to go with Terre D'Hermes Same boat for me: showers and Terre d'Hermès. Where do you live?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cahrin Received the Vetiver Extraordinaire from MyTailorIsRich . Tops are a bit odd (sweat?) but it mellows pretty quickly into a fresh green/woodsie/earthy scent. C'est bon! And to the more senior splitters - keep up the good work! Some people appreciate and recognize the value! Glad to hear you got it OK. A very nice vetiver to be sure. And I certainly appreciate the senior splitters. Knize 10 (Rambo) and...
Millésime Impérial. This one is getting the boot from my office rotation. I have also decided that I don't really like aquatics. The Great Cool Water, Green Irish Tweed comparison test. I spent my whole Saturday morning on this and it was great fun and educational. I'll have to try it for other related scents. I put one on each wrist and checked then about every 20 minutes will making notes. Results: GIT: Herbally lemon (lemon verbena?) & citrus opening followed...
GIT/Cool Water challange today: GIT on the left wrist and CW on the right. Notes later.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino But at the same time, I've already stated that Cool Water and GIT smell exactly the same to me. I missed that intriguing comment. I find GIT OK, but Cool Water leaves me, uh, cold. I'll have give these the two wrist test.
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