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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter nice stuff huh? Apparently the vintage juice is much better. Seems like that is always the case with fragrence! This is one where tracking down a vintage bottle might be worth the effort.
Terre d'Hermès today. Tried Santal Noble last night, another knockout sandalwood. A little bit of vanilla in it keeps it from being too dry. Had some alcohol and coffee notes in the opening that, combined with the vanilla, reminded me of Kahlua. But that disappeared pretty quickly and left a gourgeous smooth sandalwood. Looks like it might be hard to find a bottle of this.
Sycomore for me today - my first time trying it. You guys are right, Sycomore is fantastic I am in sandalwood/vetiver heaven. Too bad it is an EdT, but seems to have reasonable staying power.
Quote: Originally Posted by tps16 What do you think of it? Yesterday, Coco edp Today, Cuir de Russie I really like Fougere Royale. Great work scent and totally under rated. PM me and I'll send you a sample. It's along the line of GIT.
Fougère Royale
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Sample of Tobacco Vanille. Now I see why this gets so much love here. Great depth to it. I tried a spray at Neiman-Marcus this weekend. I agree, great depth, fantastic scent. I went back on Sunday to buy a bottle and they were closed for Easter. Too bad for them, now I'll just get a decant (anyone want to host?). While I was at NM I stopped by the Creed counter and the SA asked me to try GIT. I...
+1 on Cask. Huge selection of bitters and amaro's. The only place I know that actually stocks things like Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged bitters or Clement Creole Shrubb Liqueur. All of the Small Hand Foods syrups as well. Plumpjack Wines in Noe Valley on 24th has a huge selection in a tiny store.
Guerlain Vetiver
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter tried the declaration essence version? (blue bottle) Avignon's nice stuff, a little potent for my taste (I got Kyoto instead) but it's interesting and very nice. If you like that but want it less sharp, try Wonderwood or some of the others from the incense line. I smelled that when it came out and also immediately liked it. 100ml bottle though hmmm, that gives me a split idea! I tried...
Ormonde Woman. Nice, but I like Man better. Sexist.
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