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Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR another pair of shoes
Nasomatto Absinth yesterday, from a sample. Nice green woody notes with an absinthe scented opening. Absinthe fades all too quickly so i am not sure that $148 for 30ml is worth it, even though it is parfum extrait. Cool Bottle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I need thrift store recommendations. Seriously. Hook me up. ~H Cross Roads Trading on 9th and Irving. I always can find stuff there, especially ridiculously cheap designer jeans. My 23 year old son really likes Buffalo Exchange on Haight.
Quote: Originally Posted by L'Incandescent You're right, though, that Sycomore isn't the kind of fragrance I typically get excited about. I'll get myself a small sample anyway, just to see what everyone's talking about. Muscs Koublai Khan today. That's the kind of fragrance that's more up my alley! Have you tried Portrait of a Lady? An "oriental rose" so maybe still not your cup of tea. For some reason I thought of you when I tried it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Everyone just needs to act Canadian
Carthusia Corallium today, a sample I got from Barney's last weekend. Green/citrus opening with a nice cedar and touch of vanilla drydown. If you like Sycomore you should check this out. Only $85 for 50ml at Lucky Scent.
MC, I was suggesting it starts off by having people ship stuff to you, as the organizer, first. If people can't get it together to ship you stuff then they are DQ. If what they ship is totally lame in quantity/quality then they are also DQ'd. People without samples can send decant supplies, etc. But you will have some way of setting the bar so this doesn't decend into a sample grab. Down side is it takes more time to set-up and two shipments are required: initial one to...
Sycomore. Love this frag! Low projection so it is work friendly too.
You know I am in. Crap, BN is closed for maintainance right now. Same name on BN if anyone wants to look. I don't have too many bottles, but i will be putting in quite a few from my samples list. I am going to iclude some Royale Fougre samples. Kind of expensive and I am the only person in the whole world that regularly uses it. Stuff needs some exposure.
Fat Electrian today. I am always reminded how it lives up to its name: vetiver with an ozone/electrical note on the opening and a fat vanilla kicker on the drydown. Not a 5 star frag, but I always enjoy it.
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