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Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Guerlain Vetiver today. Another very nice vetiver.
Quote: Originally Posted by Green Lantern ++1 for the Fougere Royale. Just shows you there are a lot of alternatives to Green Irish Tweed that are just as wearable. You won't find many people wearing this one. There are a ton of vetivers out there, but be sure to try FM Vetiver Extraordinaire (sp?). My gold standard for vetivers. Corallium again today. I am kind of obsessed with this one right now. Off to Italy for two weeks tomorrow!
Quote: Originally Posted by ezlau I think in 2-3 posts after that initial shipment route, it was actually changed to notre->me->parker->mytailor etc. Please confirm this OP. You're right. I missed that update.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt We have zipcar. Parking is expensive, and tough. And City CarShare. And consider buying a Muni Clipper Card at one of the big Muni stations on Market Street. You can pay cash on the Muni but the card is a lot less hassle and you don't have to deal with transfers etc. $2 for any entry within 90 minutes (change trains, change directions, no additional fare).
Quote: Originally Posted by ezlau Thanks! Also, notrekip please pm me when you are ready to ship it off to me. Thanks! Actually I think I am sending it to you: notrekip->parker->mytailorisrich->ezlau. Or did the order get changed?
Yesterday and today I am trying out Carthusia Corallium, but I have hay fever so bad I can hardly smell anything. Seems to be a dry woods type scent with a fresh/citrus top.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Yup. Sally is good people. I have received incredibly good service from Sally. Recieve orders about two days after I place them, tons of freebies in each shipment, issues responded to and resolved instantly, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra Wore Profumum Oxiana today. I tend to fall for descriptions of incense scents then find them 'old lady'-ish on my skin. A bit like Tauer L'air Du Morrocain or whatever it's called. Likable, slightly weird, possibly femme. I really wanted to try Thundra but couldn't find a sample, so I got this instead. Got a bottle of Santal 33 last week. Another womb-like comfort scent with spiky edges from Le Labo. I really like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Green Lantern Okay, I need more fragrance. I find the sampling method to be a win. So, I want to buy one of these, or maybe a couple: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/nordstro...resultback=114 Question is; how do you clean in between usage...to completely flush last fragrance and not dilute or bastardize the new fragrance? Almost forgot...today at the Napa Vineyards was Grey Veviter by Tom Ford. I am not really into...
Quote: Originally Posted by softy Now we just need one more to complete this split, guys. I want this. Someone please pick up the last spot
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