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Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Guerlain Vetiver today. Another very nice vetiver.
Quote: Originally Posted by Green Lantern ++1 for the Fougere Royale. Just shows you there are a lot of alternatives to Green Irish Tweed that are just as wearable. You won't find many people wearing this one. There are a ton of vetivers out there, but be sure to try FM Vetiver Extraordinaire (sp?). My gold standard for vetivers. Corallium again today. I am kind of obsessed with this one right now. Off to Italy for two weeks tomorrow!
Quote: Originally Posted by ezlau I think in 2-3 posts after that initial shipment route, it was actually changed to notre->me->parker->mytailor etc. Please confirm this OP. You're right. I missed that update.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt We have zipcar. Parking is expensive, and tough. And City CarShare. And consider buying a Muni Clipper Card at one of the big Muni stations on Market Street. You can pay cash on the Muni but the card is a lot less hassle and you don't have to deal with transfers etc. $2 for any entry within 90 minutes (change trains, change directions, no additional fare).
Quote: Originally Posted by ezlau Thanks! Also, notrekip please pm me when you are ready to ship it off to me. Thanks! Actually I think I am sending it to you: notrekip->parker->mytailorisrich->ezlau. Or did the order get changed?
Yesterday and today I am trying out Carthusia Corallium, but I have hay fever so bad I can hardly smell anything. Seems to be a dry woods type scent with a fresh/citrus top.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Yup. Sally is good people. I have received incredibly good service from Sally. Recieve orders about two days after I place them, tons of freebies in each shipment, issues responded to and resolved instantly, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra Wore Profumum Oxiana today. I tend to fall for descriptions of incense scents then find them 'old lady'-ish on my skin. A bit like Tauer L'air Du Morrocain or whatever it's called. Likable, slightly weird, possibly femme. I really wanted to try Thundra but couldn't find a sample, so I got this instead. Got a bottle of Santal 33 last week. Another womb-like comfort scent with spiky edges from Le Labo. I really like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Green Lantern Okay, I need more fragrance. I find the sampling method to be a win. So, I want to buy one of these, or maybe a couple: Question is; how do you clean in between completely flush last fragrance and not dilute or bastardize the new fragrance? Almost at the Napa Vineyards was Grey Veviter by Tom Ford. I am not really into...
Quote: Originally Posted by softy Now we just need one more to complete this split, guys. I want this. Someone please pick up the last spot
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