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Trying to back into the swing of things here on SOTD... Geranium Pour Monsieur today, Sycomore Tuesday, and Corallium Monday. Love all three.
OK, shipped the repackaged box to Scrugger yesterday via UPS. 7 pounds of fragrance in a 12"x12"x12" box. It is a lot to go through! Sorry for the delay on my end, but coming back from Italy and having to get back on a plane the next day for job related travel really screwed me up.
MC, you are right! Parker added about 25 samples and I am adding 30 + a full bottle of Burberry I inherited. The old box is overflowing and I am going to try to repack it in a 12x12x5 box (hope I dont' have to go any bigger). there are hundreds of samples in there. Everything except the Burberry are the normal sample atomizers, ranging from tiny to 15ml. Sorry, I won't be able to ship it until Monday.
Picked up the box from Parker yesterday. It is totally ridiculus the number of bottles in the box! I am going to add at least 20. It will take a few days to go through.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo How did you like it? Went with LeLabo Vetiver 46 today. Probably my favorite vetiver, right in front of Fat Electrician, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement. I find FE to be kind of a fun scent (vanilla bringing in the very different fat note), but it is not a serious vetiver to me. You must have tried FM Vetiver Extraordinaire? What didn't you like about it? FMVE is way in front of FE as a...
Cartier Declaration. My Barney's SA called me yesterday and Nasomatto just shipped Black Afgani and Duro for the first time in 8 or 9 months. It will go quickly so if your interested, grab one. I am getting Duro. Black Afgani is just too strong for my taste, but it is the longest lasting scent I have ever tried. Detectable for days.
Sorry for holding up the transfer, but I just got back from Italy. I'll pick up the box from Parker this weekend. We actually live fairly close to each other. I was able to hit a half dozen or so perfumeries in Italy and will post about it after I get my wife's camera next week (she stayed for two more weeks than me). Got some nice pictures of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, oldest (?) perfumery in the world. Looks like a small cathederal inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip The Chanel Exclusif line would be at the top of my wishlist - particularly Coromandel then CdR. Second would be Santal 33. Third could be a popular Malle or even Jubilation XXV (yes, again). Fourth, perhaps PdN New York as a cheaper option? Other seemingly "easy splits": Killian's Back to Black or Tauer's Moroccan Desert Air I'd be down for KBB or TMDA. Also Red Vetiver.
TF Oud Wood. Seems similar to Bulgari black. Have to do a sniff-off
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino With this continuing to come up, Im hoping to find myself some. Where is the best place to obtain it? Its a Chanel scent, right? You can buy a decant from Perfumed Court or someone on CrystalFlagon. I have bough a lot of small samples from Mudassir on CrystalFlagon without any problem.
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