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Fougere Royale (2010)
Armani Code. Stopped by Bloomingdales today and hit the sample bar.
Creed Orange Spice. This one is kind of intense! I love the musky bitter orange or blood orange combination but this has the most projection of any scent I have tried. This needs a light touch for my taste (I used 3 sprays and that is too much). I see BN lists COS as unisex but this seems very masculine to me. Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter I think it's a few notes that make it interesting. There's a certain 'cold' metalic note, and...
Creed Silver Mountain Water today. fresh, green, a little leather note. Not unpleasant, but not very exciting. Very low key. I don't understand why this seems to be so popular.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dane Skip the obvious ones...or at least list what your options are and we can help narrow down the ones that aren't worth the effort. Having said that, some popular scents are popular for a reason - they're good. For the most part though, guys have crap taste and wear whatever's cheap (read: Axe). ps - if you like Acqua di Gio, go for Nautica Voyage instead. Here's what I have (all samples I got from Crystal...
Acqua di Giò pour Homme today. I am new to scents and am trying to work through the popular/obvious ones. I find Acqua di Giò pleasant, but pretty bland as well. Not offensive but not very interesting either.
This looks really nice! What is the lining material? Looks twilled, but I can't quite tell.
SC = sport coat GG = Gaziano & Girling LH = London House (Rubinacci) CBD = conservative business dress RTW = ready to wear OTR = off the rack MTM = made to measure MBT = mystery bespoke tailor BC = Brunello Cucinelli, also broadcloth JLP = John Lobb (Paris) SF (as in SF Approved) = Style Forum WAYWRT = what are you wearing right now I have had to search a bit myself to understand many threads!
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