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Bois de Portugal. I haven't worn this in a quite a while. It has a distinct cinnamon note on the top that I don't remember.
Vetiver Extraordinaire. I haven't worn this in a while. A great, sharp vetiver.
Sorry, I seem to be permanently behind on SOTD lately. Too much travel. I just have a sample bottle (maybe 2ml) that I got from Saks, and that has maybe one squirt left. I agree it is not different enough to pursue a split. Next time I am by Saks though I will hit them up for another sample and send it to you. you just pay the postage. I meant to PM this to Notreknip. I am lame.
I only get a mild powdery note, but I am using a sample bottle I got at Saks. I looked up the price - $220 for 50ml. And I thought Duro was expensive!
Back to Black. I agree with L'I that this is a tobacco/vanilla scent, not leather/vanilla. I also get a touch of powdery oriental like patchouli or amber as well as honey. I am usually pretty negatively sensitive to powdery accords, but this one seems to blend very well with with the honey/vanilla. I would be up for splitting this one.
Tom Ford Oud Wood today
I just got back from a week in Tokyo myself. I thought I was going to die. Not only is it ultra hot and humid, this Cool Biz "we shut down all of the reactors after the tsunami so there is no electricity for air conditioning" initiative is a killer (little to no AC in subway's, trains, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, etc). I wore Ormand Man all week to be culturally sensitive, but I should have worn followed Rach's lead and worn Chergui (you shoud wear this during...
Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn I have no vested interest because I don't have any fragrances for sale... but I hope that if you're ordering people around like this that your comments are at least mod-sanctioned. Rambo puts a lot of effort into the fragrance threads and generally keeps them going and on track. I am pretty sure all the regulars here are OK with his gentle guidance. And check out some of the other fragrance threads...
Tried two scents of note last week, Chergui and Eau d'Hermes, both of which I have been wanting to try for a while. I grabbed both from the traveling sample box, and they both knocked me over. I usually don't like scents as intense as Chergui but it was fantastic. It is so different I don't know how to describe it. It was also the fist scent my wife asked me to not wear again . Eau d'Hermes is also fantastic: a civet/leather/lavender. If you want to try a scent with...
We don't miss you either
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