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I am looking to buy a gently used pair of GLCO Palms aviator sunglasses, in brushed silver. Any lens shade will do. I will pay as much as $200 for a used pair in nice condition (these retail for $340-395). I believe these only come in one size, 54. The shades can be seen here: Please back channel w/ any offers. Thanks!
1x #26 $6 paypal sent
These debuted in the last couple weeks and are apparently already sold out. I didn't move fast enough and am kicking myself. Will pay the same as retail ($160) for a new (i.e., unwashed) size large.
Epaulet white spread collar shirt, size L. Bought this from meso last week & it fits a bit too snug for me. Shirt is in good condition with a lot of life left in it & I am asking what I paid, $60 shipped conus. "Small 1/2" pen mark on the inside of one cuff, not obtrusive but worth mentioning." Penny Stock worker chino with awesome red-plaid cuff. Wear these unrolled for a normal, well-fitting navy blue chino, or roll them up to reveal the red accent. A stock pic below....
Completely unworn pair of this neat and well-made sneaker from Clae with a cool Rachel-Comey-esque contrast sole. These were an impulse buy in September and I need the money now to pay an unexpected vet bill. Condition is 10/10, I basically have never taken them out of the box. The shoes cost me $130 all said and done purchasing them direct from Clae, and I am pricing them well below that here in hopes of a quick sale. Understated quality sneakers with a nice...
This was a Japan-only release from about a year ago. I imagine they're gone forever, but if anyone has one in reasonable condition, I'd pay as much as $200 shipped for it.
Purchased this last winter from O'Connell's for $65 and am looking to sell it now to make room for new clothes. This is a gorgeous, super-soft scarf made of a fine lambswool-angora blend (75% lambswool, 25% angora). As soft a scarf as you can get without going 100% cashmere. This still has a lot of life left in it & I'd like someone else to enjoy it. Colors are accurate in the stock pics below. 60" long x 12" wide. Includes small labels for Begg and O'Connell's. Condition...
Spotted this today on Selectism in a stock photo for the Roberu leather camera pouch the model is holding. Does anyone know what jacket this guy is wearing?? Thanks.
Looking for these Vanishing Elephant derbies in this remarkable navy color. I'm not sure what exact season/year they were released, but it seems fairly recent. I will pay $150 for a pair in new or lightly-used condition.
Subject says it all. I am looking to buy a couple nice fair-isle sweaters for the winter. Vintage or new/used. PM with pics if you have any you might like to part with. Thanks.
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