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anything from FIH is top quality, merchandise and service. I am also a big fan of
I beleive this is a grandson, trying to bring back the family business. I have not tried their blue blazer yet.
Clients like the OP are not welcome in my place of business.
Quote: Originally Posted by drhowler This guy knows the score! Check it out. I have a wallet from, in calf, that is great. construction is top quality. prices are real good too!!
I wear both. I feel Alden has superior styling and construction on many of their models.
there are alot of reasonably priced american made belts. $100 or less. I personally like
I have a couple of pairs of the stockbridge. a real comfortable shoe. I think this was the 4 last also. I want a pair of the kennett, looking for a closeout pair, since I also think this is a 4 last as well.
I think Abner does only alterations at this time. I have had him fix and replace zippers, pocketing, etc.
I rotate regularly between 2 pairs of the Stockbridge. A super comfortable shoe. I also have the Dellwood and Glasgow, which are great too.
I have 2 Allen Edmonds dress belts. I got them on closeout, so the price was right. The quality is passable. but nothing exciting. again, I would only buy them on clearance.
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