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www.denimbaronline.com has a sale on all items. 20% off except 3Sixteen. This is a sale that includes Alden!
http://store.glasshouseshirtmakers.com/ 20% off with code SWEETBABYJESUS. Fits like gitman vintage and is all sorts of nice sustainable fashion. Kind of Nudie Jeans, but with shirts.
Not today, but people don't usually take photos of me.
Brands in link
And then I realized I have a problem. That's 3 pairs of Naked & Famous in there: Deep Indigo (purchased 09) Broken Twill (Purchased 10) Elephant 1 (gifted in 10) and a pair of Left Hand Twill that is not in the picture.... So 9 pairs of denim. Yeah.
Brands here
Xmas eve work game skressful
Rainy day layers.
*cough* http://bit.ly/r5Z1g7 If you're looking for the christy sole directly.
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