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yes, in addition to the 30%. so if you use any MC, add 20%. other cards/payment add 15%...and you cannot stack the Corp card discount (15%)
yeah, my SA mentioned that corporate made a mistake by not specifically excluding the EG during initial comm feelers..although I believe some customers were able to place orders, which they have to honor...damn SF members...
not 100% sure, but I believe AS
..6-12 pm informal/cocktail event...looking for PS suggestions to go with Navy Windowpane SC, mid gray trouser, Navy/light blue pin dot tie...Thanks in advance
for Onix
this is true for me specially with the 348 last. Do you have to size down 1.5 on the Finsbury (341) as well? I've been thinking of the Finsbury lately. Thanks
this from a new member asking for help?
Gdot, those C&J Drummond looks great with the austere brogues...If I can only find the discontinued Beech color in 5.5UK ...
+1 on this test...shirts that are slimmer (trimmed) and with higher armholes will have less pull
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