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good one Sheep..approved !!!!
it sounds corny, but it does in many ways. Didn't change my style but definitely the way I look at things sartorially. Thanks
icing on the cake...
it is my goal to start stocking up on Panta items and have a father and son pilgrimage to Chris' Oak street location even though I cannot afford his work.....Congrats gents, great writeup!
IMO, wearing "proper" shoes will set you apart. Welcome to the forum, and fasten you wallet for a great ride
looks good gnatty...If I recall, it is full canvass too...
I find this very true. After acquiring my first pair (since 5th grade ) last month, I am beginning to gravitate towards purchasing a few more pairs .
I have an ALittle blazer. IMO opinion, it is a good value for beginners. It may not have the best material but it is better than most mall brand items available. If your budget allow, I would go with the BB Fitz. It also happens to be my go to cut from BB as it requires minimal alteration OTR.
this is hot...the saga deepens, will Malford buy the item from the auction house? finders fee for NOBD? ...
nice post NOBD..looks like the exact item..interesting. Royal dopp kit (case)
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