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I think so. Others may disagree because of the subjective nature of "great deal"? and what's your tolerance of factory seconds shortcomings. Members will point you to B&S or bay, which are not good venues for me because of limited items for my size. Personally, if you are lock with Boston and you have tried them in person, I would go with member Allaboutshoes, I believe you can get this first for an additional $20-25. Send him a pm to confirmMora is a fora favorite b/c of...
I think so specially if just around office/carpeted environment. Also depending on how much walking you do on hard concrete pavements. I prefer wearing blucher style with jeans and Lombards has brogueing for a casual look, and for that price, is this brand new? I would get the Lombards (rubber sole) if I have to walk distances from train/car to work specially during inclement weather (from Chicago here) .correct , #2 if I am not mistaken
i wear 6.5D Strand (same last as PA) but I wear 7D on Macs (#7)..but again, it would be best if you can try 'em first.
both my Grain and shell MacNeils are 7D and it fits me well...I size down to 6.5 on #5 (Strand) ...Check the AE shoebank as they have the Mac's in shell once in awhile..I can't pass on the cordo when I got 'em for $300 5 yrs ago
bump, In honor of iammatt's Z Cavariccis revival thread
then I say go for the trifecta and get the Cordovan next, you won't be disappointed ....
specially with Forenza shirts and Capezio's dancing shooz...damn!
MacNeil is probably my favorite AE b/c of versatility, preferred MC casual look and #7 is best for me. I've had my Walnut Grain since for years and I prefer them with scuffs, nicks and bruises. Adds more character imoI personally would wear the Boston for suiting, more elegant because of its elongated last; Norwich is nice too, but i tend to wear double sole on the casual side...I think you can't go wrong either way.
oh my 80's...black with a Marith Francois Girbaud denim shirt..oh and yes, an olive Generra trench coat....
that's what I thought...I placed my order yesterday as they have another 25% promo end of this month....I need to find good suede beaters like that..Thanks
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