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per my SA, leather goods special sale on Nov 25-26 when using any Mastercard (almost 45% off). I know Peals are definitely part of the sale but I believe EG are included as well. Cordovans are NOT part of the extravaganza. Please verify with BB on the EG. for example on a Peal, $488 - 214.72 (44%) = $273.28 * 1.0775 (tax around my area) = $294.46
..ok so back to shoe trees...
Although I have to agree to that this Aldo is a piece of $#!+, I have to commend OP for having the discipline and knowing his financial limitations and at the same time making the effort to improve his style and appearance. ...and I always appreciate MoL thoughtful and constructive guidance....
chances are high. Also depends on what style you are looking for. Typically popular models such as Strands, PA, Players, Lombard etc are available. Assuming they have your size post holiday madness...
fix that for you...http://www.styleforum.net/t/224382/acronyms-on-this-site/45
good one Sheep..approved !!!!
it sounds corny, but it does in many ways. Didn't change my style but definitely the way I look at things sartorially. Thanks
icing on the cake...
it is my goal to start stocking up on Panta items and have a father and son pilgrimage to Chris' Oak street location even though I cannot afford his work.....Congrats gents, great writeup!
IMO, wearing "proper" shoes will set you apart. Welcome to the forum, and fasten you wallet for a great ride
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