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+1...my disappointment was allowing an order to go through for an out of stock item. I was given an option for a replacement but decided to wait until re-stock since it is one of my want fabric. I guess they will give me credit. The rest of my order is on its way..
Thanks E..that explains it..
Gus (PSG) tasteful as always....
^^ looks like for kop baller status, like Stitchy?
@EmartNJ, can't tell from your pics, does it hit below, above your knees? Also, what is you tts jacket and which sz did you order (returning) ? Thanks
@Newcomer, what sz is that? Silhoutte from pics looks like you can sz down if planning to wear w/o SC's. Not sure if b/c of photo angle though but overall it looks good on you...
which reminds me of something else during foreplay. Shell has a distinct smell. Shoe orgasm?
exactly my thoughts..I got this for my HS son last year. He didn't like it at first but when his bros and chicks started asking, well you know HS is all about image and shiiiit. Anyway, another reco for biz caz environment are the Filson 256/257 bags. Good Luck
IMO, versatility really depends on your lifestyle. I chose captoes b/c I have too many full brogue/wingtips for a change of pace and also the casual context I would wear them. The Commando sole obviously for winter weather. I don't wear them with suit, mostly with denim,cords,moleskin and sometimes with heavy/textured sports coat such as Tweed/Donegal. I prefer less brogueing when it comes to boots. Another option you may want to look into are Chukka style. Good Luck
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