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when can we expect the re-stock of the Oxford Blue University stripe? Thanks
I really appreciate the feedback. It's just driving me nuts , either the SF OCD effect or I'm just conscious that the wider collar/soft construction is too frumpy as I mentioned earlier. I really need to wear the full regalia and give it a second look....
.50 from Goodwill. beater Grena...faux
Greg, for Inis Meain MTO, how much down payment is required? Sleeves are always a challenge for short people like me. I'm on the fence right now b/c sleeves in Small will be good but chest is an issue, and the opposite on Medium...I really like both the blue toggle shawl and the charcoal button neck (in light grey is perfect..) Thanks
lol. that was my plan to use NOBD 2..total brain cramp on my part. I can use the shirt to go with more casual Tweed or Twill jackets, although I'm not use to wearing white for casual. I don't think this is wearable for suits. I think the soft construction/look is too frumpy and out of context...lessons learned
when is a soft collar too soft and bands too wide? Thoughts?I totally botched this item while rest of the order were perfect. I totally forgot to provide construction details and just referenced an order #, ignoring the fact that it was OCBD versus desired medium spread. I plan on converting the shirt to a button down.I planned on wearing this for a wedding but I now I need to find a quick back-up. [[SPOILER]]
+1...my disappointment was allowing an order to go through for an out of stock item. I was given an option for a replacement but decided to wait until re-stock since it is one of my want fabric. I guess they will give me credit. The rest of my order is on its way..
Thanks E..that explains it..
Gus (PSG) tasteful as always....
^^ looks like for kop baller status, like Stitchy?
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