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Greg/Kyle,is the SS Memory cut shorter than the Merino? TIA
Thanks..being at 5-6 and wears SC length at around 29, I'm trying to visualize if sz38 (31 in) is a little long. While I don't intend to wear the piece with SC, it looks like the Alva model is cut longer. It think this is a great piece for layering with chunky knits.
Any thoughts?
What is the proper fit/wear of the Macintosh quilted jackets? Is is thigh length or how far down it should bottom out without being too long? Anyone with a fit pic of a sz 38? Thanks
@in stitches fo real peoplz
This is a long shot, but it would be nice to have Vass in smaller sizes. Planning to go MTO with a couple of items. And please, no to shorter IM. This is apocalypse at least for me.
Stitchy, you need to upload that pic to NMWA gallery section....
Individual pieces looks good. but put together, too GQ for my taste with so many accessories..looks like he is wearing jeggings. The AP watches looks baller though...
Langdale has been on my hit list for quite some time. I already have the Grassmere, it's long wing/blucher cousin. While the styles are entirely different, I cannot decide between Langdale or Trickers Stow in Acorn..
Shell ? that's like stealing...great deal/boot
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