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That's my section.. LOL
Thank you both.. If S in IM, then XL in Esemplare. Wow . Nobody beats NMWA prices on these.
Esemplare Humphreys crewneck sweaters, do they really fit slim/small ? Anybody with measurements in Medium? TIA
C&J. Dainite for current makeup. It used to be leather.Always wanted this boot but having a hard time finding a 7D. Finally had the opportunity to try one today at a local store. Sadly, it is .5 too big. Now I can rest and let it go since 7D is the smallest they go. Whoever that lucky bastard (Neil ? ) who waited and snag the pair, I say enjoy as it is a beautiful pair of shell boots.
Exact visual id like to see. thnx
My 2c...go slow. Figure out your style. The forum is full of nice and expensive items that sometimes you get carried away wanting the same. Be patient and acquire things slow. Build rather than accumulate. Save on items that you really like. Cry once and dont look back. Less chances of buyers remorse. Good Luck.
I(we) have to give credit/thanks to Greg and Kyle for putting as much measurement info out there during recent drops. That was very helpful.
you got me pretty good .... lol
didn't get this...hmmm
Thanks for all the sizing post. Since I have small feet , looks like a 6UK 44975. My only concern are the proportions. It may look bulbous since Stow has a chunky/bulky toe box.
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