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Ditto. My 16 year old has been bugging me about it, but I don't want him to outgrow such an item. Although it is not my style, I really like this piece worn by others. I'm really surprised that the SWD crowd has not jumped on this. Maybe the camo trend?Also, how slim is the Niche "3/4 sleeve Mangas" floral shirt? My son wants the shirt and the SdC camo jacket. TIA
Small loot from Independence-Chicago. - Bedford Olive ripstop. I could have taken an M, but with how I plan to wear the item (layering with light knits and shirts), L makes more sense and allows for better movement. I really like the cut and simple design/function of this jacket. I will definitely look out for some F/W weight material next season. I need to try the Baker and Andover for future acquisition. - Workshirt Blue Chambray (S). While designed as roomy, I opted to...
Thank You...being 5-6, I think the jacket is cut short (28-29 in) so it would be ideal for vertically challenged guys like me. Now I have to decide the between the Navy (heavier Twill cloth) or the Olive (lighter ripstop) . Dang, wish I can have both. Yep, Independence already has both on hold for me until EOD. I think finally this is the jacket I;ve been looking for...Can't let go this time
Hi all. First time venturing into EGarments....if I wear a 39-40S (39 chest,17.5 shoulders) sportcoat, any sizing reco on the Bedford ripstop jacket? It looks like M would be ideal, but again I don't have any experience with EG sizing. TIA. W
.he is back! gotta post your SF evolution chart
I love watching the transformation of newbs, posting and asking about AE seconds. In about 2-3 mos or so, started buying EG, Vass, GG by the bulk....
Can I use the extra15 code plus a Gift card promo code credit during checkout? Please advise. edit: Greg/Kyle - Thanks for helping with the transaction....
buy now if your size is available. While I love my cp's, IMO Buttero's aesthetic is unique, the thick and rugged look of the leather, low profile, and patina (I have the couio brown) is what draws me to it. Im waiting for the new S/S offering and hopefully a restock of the taupe suede in my size.
Just to offer my honest 2c... Not only to OS shirts, but I have accepted the fact that NMWA sizing on most makers does not cater to a minority of smaller/shorter consumers, which make sense from an inventory standpoint. I have been lucky on a few I purchased. As much as I want to acquire more items, I have to pick and choose and pay close attention to sizing discussions, pm's and calling Greg/Kyle for details. Having said that, I will continue to be a loyal customer and...
Greg/Kyle,is the SS Memory cut shorter than the Merino? TIA
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