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as much as I love watching football, this is a very sad, sad, sad, WC episode...hard to watch as a fan. Epic humiliation is an understatement.
mercy rule? wow , speechless.....
Viva El Tri
Hup Hup Hup
great cross...
last week, a foursome in front of us was playing the tips (6800+ yards) and they can barely hit their drives 210. To make it worse, they all wait for the green to clear before hiting the next shot, and they are 230 yards away. At one point on a loong par3 with a 180 yard forced carry over water, there were a least 2 groups waiting. I don't see how they can enjoy a round with that. We finally called the pro shop as the course ranger was nowhere to be found.
@Cotton Dockers, much appreciated if you can post a full pic of the popover? construction details? TIA...
I am interested but will require planning on my part as I have to drive from the burbs. If we can plan for multiple dates. I'm sure other members will be interested as well. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: