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I'm afraid the S&C Lambswool (in S) is a little big. I know its suppose to be chunky and better worn as an outerwear/jacket. Any fit and constructive feedback is much appreciated.... [[SPOILER]]
+1. I have seen exactly the same items from IM, OS, Buttero, TS(S), S&C etc and NMWA prices are consistently/significantly lower, not to mention the additional SF discount.
Thank You. Unfortunately, both A1 are OOS in 4. darn. The Brown Herringbone looks really nice.
Any sizing guidelines on the GRP (both A1 and Lambswool Knit) if I wear a 39-40S in SC/Suit? Looks like a 4(M) ?. Should this be worn TTS/Fitted? For reference, I'm 5-6, shoulder around 17.5, sleeves in 31.5. Plan to wear with casual shirts and other light layers. TIA.
Yes...see @gdl203 at affiliate No Man Walks Alone. http://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/0_30
looks like I took the last S&C shawl cardigan S in Grey, just in time for the cooler temps next week...
didn't kop, but great to see another epic SF collab/MTO mad rush. Something to tell your grand kids....
@gdl203 when you have time, can you please provide the sleeve measurement of the S&C lambswool cardigan in Small. TIA
I agree, but it just does not compliment my ashun skin palette. While Grey and Blue are safe and versatile, the Burgundy is striking...
Kyle, sleeve measurement on the Small please....
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