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Shell ? that's like stealing...great deal/boot
Father and Son swag...great pic/fits
While it is an odd choice from a sartorial pov, I believe Mariotta's tie is a pattern to honor his Polynesian heritage.
try again...@gdl203 or @conceptual 4est. Thanks
template for all future Kops...
lol, my 15 yo wants the same thing....and the suede boots as well.
I don't have any experience nor any knowledge about the original subject matter, but this thread delivers. So much to learn... Great to see knowledgeable members going at it. Primary reason why I got hooked to SF in the first place. Carry on gents.....
I have the Herring Gladstone from the same last, 11028. I sz down and went with 5.5 (from US 7D). Last is slightly narrow and elongated.For reference, I wear 5.5UK in c&j 341/348; 6.5 EG 202; 6.5D Alden Barrie and 7D Leydon; 7D in AE #7. I hope this helps. Good Luck
@Newcomer I edited my post with measurements for Small...you may be able to extrapolate your size or ask Greg/Kyle for recos...The NMWA special edition jacket is gold..I've been wearing the sh%% out the last few days, great for layering
got it...from my experience with IM items I tried in Small- Buttoned Neck is cut trimmer along chest/body and with longer sleeves and body length- Special jacket/cardigan sleeves and length are shorter- Bulls wool is a lot more generous in chest/waist and longer sleevesAran Buttoned Neck - Aran NMWA jacket (buttoned) - Bulls Wool ==> (all in Small)Chest =- 19.5 - 20 - 40.23BOC = 25.35 - 25 - 25.18Sleeves from BOC/from pit = 31.5/18 - 29.5/17 - 32/18.25Shoulder seams - 16...
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