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great discussion on basic PS selection...you gents just made my life much much easier...Thank you all !
+1...OP, per Klobber's post....if AE is not an option but your budget allows $350 below, I can recommend Herrings Cheaney line. I am not an expert but I find their shoes of good quality, leather is soft and easy to break in. I have AE and CJ(benchgrade) and I find Cheaney's better than AE but just below my CJ...
BB 346 is their outlet line...quality wise, not the best, specially if paying full price...although i have an old beater 346 wingtip brogue shoe that I paid $35 years ago...imo, I wouldn't pay more $75..if your budget allows you to go $250 up, you can find better deals
wow..Epic indeed...
+1 sometimes we focus too much on the clothing aspects
Amen..and this I like and it seems within OP's comfort zone
you need to find your shirt sizing. my recommendation is for you to take the dive and order various specs...I understand your concerns of coughing up the s/h cost, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet to get the right fit... trial and error
idk, depends on your built...CT 15.5/31.5 slim are best for me (39-40S and 32 waist) ....see some old CT threads...http://www.styleforum.net/t/27251/charles-tyrwhitthttp://www.styleforum.net/t/65334/charles-tyrwhitt
http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/default.aspx?q=usddefault||||||||||||||| idk about RL Regent but JAB is a no for me...stick with CT or BB 1818 for the budget
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