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dont' forget the obligatory shoe porn pic once available..I'm not a boot person, but seeing pics after pics of the Lindricks is like a fu*&^%n torture session. It's such a beautiful creation. Unfortunately, not available in my size...
dang TB, how far back are these pics? quite a transformation, well done
looking good NOBD...is that trouser moleskin? taupe color?
MoL, I'm in...need to start saving for wifey's appreciation items
great effort Geoff. Fortunately(or unfortunately) for me, everyday in my office is Halloween at it's finest...Have fun
are all Made in the USA footwear by AE or Alden? Thanks
PatB, I feel your pain SF bro, you should see my IT/ Comp Eng world...that's why buying AE shooz and putting that wonderful fu*%*@g shine on is therapeutic
thanks for the much needed Sat morning intervention
IMO and experience, AE = Loake 1880 construction wise but AE leather is better and easier to break in. Although some Loake 1880 designs are preferred.
thnx NORE...i should stick to jeans and cords idea for now with country brogues. I'm afraid i may run into SF members and get beat up for improper "Tweeding" .unique fabric indeed. Although I only have one Harris tweed, but this is a little different and busy....I cant imagine an FU sports coat from BB
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