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C&J Drummond gets my vote... as SG mentioned, EG Beaulieu is a beauty and so this St Crispin's from Leather Soul..http://leathersoulhawaii.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/1041.jpg
Thank you ..exactly what I thought..I might cancel my planned visit to the RL store tomorrow for fitting, knowing the most likely results...F&*k F&*k F&*k .... Still looking for other Blucher/Shortwing Brown Shell options.
...to Marlow wingtip owners...if I wear 5.5UK C&J 348 and AE 7D Strand, is the RL Marlow 7D US (their smallest offering) .5 size too big and I am just out of f&*&in luck? Thanks in advance...just getting ready for the Private Sale mad rush ... SA mentioned that they have an upcoming 25% sale but will confirm if shells are included and the details of the Private Sale (40% plus ?% kicker)..will post for details
..the Peal Lightweight are Loake
^^ talking about customer service and satisfaction guaranteed ... kudos KW
^^ Thanks Winston..totally forgot Gdot's C&J loot..that was a good pic..exactly what I'm looking for...I've seen the Finsbury in Drk Brown, but not in Chestnut
I think I found my answers below...carry on gents
can somebody confirms if this is Finsbury is Chesnut burnished ? Also, if somebody can post a picture of Drummond in Tan...I think this is the Beechnut (discontinued)Thank You
+1 , from a very satisfied Herring customer...and shoe trees...All is well...end of threak...enjoy your shoes
+1..unless you can stack other promos with the 30% discount, for an extra $55 or so (benchmade), I would rather order directly from C&J UK with far better choiceswith SF, never ends..price increase in line with C&J. I would go with Captoe Peals if I have the gift cards +sale...
New Posts  All Forums: