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hmm, interesting. I always get complimentary pants hemming and sleeves shortening (SC/suiting) from BB. The only time I remember paying for was an overcoat sleeve tab alteration and waist suppression of an SC...
reason why you don't want to irritate our resident boot expert...or any SF'er as they can always find a workaround..
read more... http://www.styleforum.net/t/222059/offical-barbour-thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/145821/barbour-bedale-or-beaufort http://www.styleforum.net/t/104338/barbour-beaufort
definitely fuller, lower armholes and longer (BOC) than Fitz..I thought about the same item but just not sold on additional alterations since Fitz cuts are just about perfect for me OTR..
I am holding well MoL...3 more days
I trust one of the tailor and my SA at the local BB store on fitting. This old school tailor has always been blunt and honest and would tell me if it doesn't fit or look good. But he would always reminds me that everything else he can fix, anything with shoulders, he wont touch..He has done wonders for me, both for BB and items purchased outside the store...
why create a new thread where you can post here.. http://www.styleforum.net/t/133759/filson-bag-thread-with-pictures ....
I'm assuming this the Loro Piana storm system, which seems to be sold out as it is no longer on their website...interesting post as I am heading to BB this weekend for fitting. I ordered sizes of 40S (my true size) and 42S...I am planning to wear with SC and/or shirt/sweater so I figure I can try both and how they fit..
Nordie shoe trees are good value as Pat_B noted...Fortunately, I'm pretty much set with AE shoe trees when 5-6 years ago as they had a huge sale at the Port Washington,WI location were trees are sold for 6.99 each..I must have grab 20 of 'em for gifts and personal use
and black...
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