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if we are talking SF standards, yes. You are correct that great deals can be had if you have enough patience for the hunt. but for a quick visit and expecting a blockbuster, hit or miss..
..stay downtown and check Paul Stuart, Syd Jerome, Neimann Marcus, Mark Shale, and George Greene...outlets are hit or miss...Nordie Rack as well..drive to Gurnee Mills (1 hr north from the Loop) and take your chances at Last Call,Off Fifth
great deal...I just wish the the sleeve buttons are non-functional, knowing it will be too long for me..
a couple of threads that might be useful..http://www.styleforum.net/t/123848/cheaney-2003-last-for-herring-shoeshttp://www.styleforum.net/t/253163/cheaney-shoes-pics-and-discussion
I have the Gladstone (Chestnut). Note that last 11028 (comparable to C&J 341 ) is a little sleek/rounded so be careful with sizing and the toe box area. IMO, its construction is just a tad below C&J benchgrade and C&J Peal offering from Brooks Brothers. Material wise, it has soft leather that takes shine very well. I think the main difference between Herrings Cheaney offerings vs CJ benchgrade is the consistency of leather tanning/coloring. It is definitely better made...
^^ totally agree with JJ..Also, I find the heavier Advantage Non Iron as lint magnets, especially with the Navy..
check your sz if available ...http://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPERGA-UNISEX-2750-CUTO-CLASSIC-SNEAKER-SHOES-/380388405885?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item5890ea727d#ht_1706wt_1219
i think this thread deserves a bumpity...Thanks
...I was @ the RL MagMile today and had the opportunity to try the Marlow wingtip. I was hoping 7D would be a half size too big to end the obsession , but surprise, it was a great fit. My SA was kind enough to put it (and the PTB) aside until the 40% private sale and allow we to think about it. He also mentioned that typically 2-3 days before the sale, they would know about the additional kicker discounts. Since this is the first time I;ve actually seen them, these RL line...
OP, Rayban aviators are classics. My suggestion is to check Randolph Engineering. For almost the same price point (or higher with lense options), imo are better made. good luck
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